Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses why parents should attend government parenting classes.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses why parents should attend government parenting classes. For new parents and those who have trouble when it comes to raising their children, parenting classes are a potential solution to helping them. Although some fear that parenting classes increase the socio-economic gap between citizens, government parenting classes will be beneficial in. mitigating the ripple effects of poor parenting on society, upholding children’s rights to getting quality parenting, and standardizing parenting information for reliability and consistency.

All parents should go to government-sponsored parenting classes because they will help reduce the negative impacts that bad parenting has on society as a whole. According to Casey and Kirby (2006), in matters regarding the bringing up of its future citizens, the government has a firm financial, practical, and moral concern. This is the reason why most democracies that are liberalist in nature extend pricey and broad child support systems in order to assist parents in the upbringing of young individuals who will turn out to be respectful, responsible, active, and upright members of society. These support systems include. arrangements for parental leave, nursery care that is free, and payments for child support. Casey and Kirby (2006) also raise the contention that preventive and proactive action brings about the best outcomes as opposed to waiting to deal with the problems after they arise. The success and cohesiveness of the next generations could be ensured by the implementation of mandatory parenting classes hence raising parenting standards for the benefit of current and future generations.

If all parents attended government parenting classes, children’s rights to getting quality parenting will be upheld. Doward (2006) argues that making parenting classes mandatory would in a great way aid in the prioritization of the children’s best interests without putting a restriction on the educational choices of these parents. This is because it might not be possible to put into place supervisory or legal systems that would provide encouragement to parents to take better care of their children.

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