CSU Environmental Science Essay

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I’m getting so overwhelmed with assignmnets on my courses. if you could please help me with these:

  • Speaker name and institutional affiliation; seminar title and date of presentation.
  • 3 Key Points: (3 key point sentences, each of length 140 characters) Key Points convey the
  • main points and conclusions of the seminar presentation. Write three (3) Key Point statements,

    with each limited to at most 140 characters with no abbreviations. Key Points should be listed

    as bullet points.

  • Technical summary: (300 word limit) Summarize the work presented in as much technical
  • detail as you can within a limit of not more than 300 words. This technical summary should

    provide more information to expand upon the information conveyed in the Key Points. The

    technical summary should focus on the content of the talk, and not (for example) the

    presentation style or quality of graphics. The technical summary must be your own summary of

    the work. In the technical summary, it is appropriate to include up to 5 citations to the relevant

    literature (References Cited does not count toward the word limit). These citations could be

    those of the speaker’s own publications or those of other authors. Generally, these citations will

    be provided by the speaker in their talk.

  • References Cited: Provide up to 5 references that were used in the technical summary (no
  • word limit, but not more than 5 citations).

  • Plain Language Summary: (200 word limit) A Plain Language Summary (PLS) is now required
  • for many scientific journals. We will follow the AGU journal guidelines (see link in the footnote

    above) for the PLS format. A PLS is intended for science communication to a broad audience.

    The PLS is intended to summarize the research in non-technical terms, allowing you to explain

    the research and its relevance to a much broader audience. As it says on the AGU website “A

    PLS should be no longer than 200 words and should be free of jargon, acronyms, equations,

    and any technical information that would be unknown to people from outside your scientific

    discipline.” For more information and tips on how to prepare a PLS, please see:


    Word and character limits as detailed above will be strictly enforced. Due to the large enrollment, late

    work cannot be accepted. Please plan your time well. You are encouraged to submit your work early.

    Reports must be written clearly and employ correct grammar and spelling. Written reports that do not

    meet standards or do not adhere to the format described above will be processed as follows: (1) For

    Assignment #1 submissions that do not meet writing standards or follow the format guidelines, the

    report will be returned to you for revision; you will have one week to revise your submission. (2) For

    Assignment #2 submissions that do not follow the format guidelines, the report will receive a score of zero (since there is not enough time at the end of the quarter to allow revisions). If you are unsure
    about the format requirements, please contact Prof. Porter with any questions.

    video 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bpMx-82VNO9HP9gu7midh0V1db7p6T_1/view?usp=sharing

    video 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FhXXiIdD6Jkc8lZmPcWnmyRTv7kS5vuN/view?usp=sharing


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