CSU Toxicological Profile of Household Chemicals Case Study Presentation

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Toxicological Profile of Household Chemicals

Identify the top 8-10 chemicals in your household used for cleaning or for a hobby you might have. Differentiate these chemicals into different chemical classes to include organic and inorganic, and perform a review of the toxicological risk that they pose to you or your family. Be sure to address the following items for each chemical in your presentation:

Predict the potential chemical and physical properties and how this chemical could react with other chemicals in your household. 
Describe how intermolecular forces can influence the physical properties of each chemical.

For each chemical, determine if the chemical is in a gaseous form.

Correlate the exposure to chemicals with toxicological applications (e.g., is it toxic when inhaled, does it absorb through the skin, etc.).

  • Your presentation should be a minimum of 12 slides, not counting the title slide and the reference slide. You should have a minimum of one reference, which can be your textbook.Also footnotes
  • case study 
  • Instructions
  • West Fertilizer Company Fire and Explosion Investigation Report Review

Access the  West Fertilizer Company Fire and Explosion Investigation Report . Review the key components of the investigation report (Note: you are not expected to read the entire report. Review only what is needed to complete the case study. Refer to your required reading assignment for specific sections.) Write a minimum of two pages analyzing the following key concepts:

Identify hazardous chemicals that could have caused the explosion.

Determine what type of chemical reaction took place, and identify if it was exothermic or endothermic in nature and if it was a precipitation, acid/base, or oxidation/reduction event.

Explain what measurement technique could be used to quantify the airborne hazard after the chemical reaction took place.


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