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A researcher should be knowledgeable of different quantitative research designs and be able to effectively apply the best design as dictated by the research question. In this assignment, you will apply what you have learned in preparation for your M4 Assignment 2 RA.


In M4 Assignment 2 RA, you will be submitting a research proposal. Review the M4 Assignment 2 RA information to prepare for this assignment.

Part I: Develop Question and Hypothesis

Before you begin to develop a research proposal for M4 Assignment 2 RA, start with a sound research question and hypothesis.

Develop a quantitative research question that:

  • Is researchable
  • Has clearly identifiable variables
  • Provides a general idea of what the study entails

Next, develop a hypothesis for the research question. Develop one null hypothesis and one alternative hypothesis for your question.

Part II: Compare Methods

Compare and contrast any two of the following research methods in terms of data collection, manipulation of variables, causality, and randomization.

  • Experimental
  • Quasi-experimental
  • Correlational

Present the comparison in table format. Provide an example of one situation related to clinical counseling in which each of the two chosen methods can be applied.

Part III: Answer Questions

Explore one of the two research situation examples that you provided in Part II. In your response:

  • Determine a suitable research goal
  • Discuss the type of sampling that could be used for this study
  • Identify the types of research designs that would be most appropriate for the study
  • State your hypothesis in terms of the expected study results

Your final product will be a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document utilizing 2–3 scholarly sources.

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