Discussion post for Nutrition Class

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  1. Please respond to this in at least 250 words and cite any sources used in MLA format. Why and how do foods become transformed when they reach America? How similar and how different is the traditional fare eaten in Europe compared to the same food eaten here in America? Have you had pizza in Italy or southern France for example. How was it served? When is the salad course served? In America, we have frequently adopted only one rich dish (such as pizza) and lost the context of the full meal that balanced the item in terms of other nutrients. In Italy, the pizza would be only one course, and the rest of the meal would also have included vegetables, salad, a main course, and a dessert. How would the nutritional content have differed? Discuss.

2. Please respond to this in at least 150 words and cite and sources used in MLA format. For the most part, American portion sizes are VERY large, and very high in fat and carbohydrate, while low in vitamins and minerals. I also feel like nowhere else in the world deep-fries so many things as the US does. I have not traveled very much outside of the US, but when I have I have noticed that the portion sizes are much smaller. After I had a meal I wasn’t full to the point that I was uncomfortable and tired, but rather just satisfied. In Thailand, for example, I was eating about 5 or 6 times a day but I actually lost quite a bit of weight. There also wasn’t as much focus on meat over there, not every meal or snack had meat, and if it did, it didn’t make up the majority of the plate. In the US we tend to invent new ways to put meat into traditionally non meat containing foods. In Japan rice is held very high and they don’t mix it with or into other foods, but Japanese restaurants here tend to serve the rice, vegetables, sauce, and meat all together in a bowl or plate. Some Mexican restaurants I’ve eaten at put more focus on dessert than Mexican people do, the size of the dessert is much bigger and they are made much sweeter than tradition. The one Armenian family dinner I was invited to was made up of a lot of what we may call “finger foods,” smaller dishes but a lot of them, so I could have a few bites of each different food and get full, but no real focus on just one entree.

3. Please respond to this in at least 150 words and cite any sources used in MLA format. American culture is obsessed with the notion of fast food. We have taken different international cultures and Americanized them by creating fast food chains in replace for real authentic food. Taco Bell is a prime example of this, as its a very unoriginal and unauthentic version of Mexican food. Unfortunately I can not say that I have ever tried pizza in Italy or southern France, but I know that the pizza is served so much better than here. In Europe pizza has thin crust and a lot more vegetables are incorporated into the meal. It is also not the only thing ate during the meal (as mentioned above) with salad, vegetables, and dessert being incorporated into the full meal. This differs from America, as we order pizza and count that as a full meal. We might add some cheesy bread or cinnamon sticks, but other than that we are satisfied with a couple slices of pizza. These are just some of the prime examples of how America has transformed international foods. It is a sad reality but America has created unhealthy eating habits with our fast food chains and their plus size meals. I believe we should strive to stick to more of European style with authentic homemade meals where we can take pride in what we eat!


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