Dq 3

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Please reply to the following question


Some literature reviews read as “book reports” that simply provide a string of summaries of the articles reviewed. How is synthesis different than summarizing? How does developing and employing the skill of synthesis improve the quality of the literature review? Explain.

Please reply with 175 words and use the following References

D’Urso, P. (2020). Synthesis.  GCU Doctoral Research: The Literature Landscape. Retrieved February 10, 2022 from https://lc.gcumedia.com/res820/gcu-doctoral-research-the-literature-landscape/v1.1/#/chapter/3

Efron, S. E., & Ravid, R. (2018). Writing the literature review: A practical guide. The Guilford Press.

Slavin, (2016).Synthesis. Perspectives on Evidence-Based Research in Education—What Works? Issues in Synthesizing Educational Program Evaluations 


1. Diamond

Synthesis and Summary differ in three important ways. Writing a summary uses low level thinking because you are restating the author’s words (D’Urso, 2020). Unlike summary, synthesis requires higher level thinking because you must integrate information from several sources and show how they create or support a single new idea (D’Urso, 2020). When writing a synthesis one must take multiple sources to combine into one new idea to explain how the sources relate to the study. Using synthesis can help develop the literature review by explanatory synthesis, which gives info to the reader for deeper understanding (D’Urso, 2020). The argument synthesis provides the focus and assists in defending the problem statement from various articles (D’Urso, 2020).

According to Onwuegbuzie (2018), the literature review should provide clarity for a topic and by using synthesis, background information from many sources will be revealed on the chosen topic. The researcher should know that synthesis can help the reader organize and choose the primary context of and within the text, which improves the quality of the literature review (Gecici & Onan, 2021).


D’Urso, (2020). Synthesis. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.) GCU doctoral research: The literature landscape. Retrieved from 

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Onwuegbuzie, A. J. (2018). Communication vagueness in the literature review section of journal article submissions. Journal of Educational Issues, 4(1), 174–190.

2. Crystal

3 DQ 1


Grand Canyon University

RES-820A: The Literature Landscape: Organizational Leadership

Dr. Davis

February 10, 2022

Synthesis is an essential method needed when researching articles related to our dissertation topics of interest. As mentioned in D’Urso, (2020), syntheses involves the comparison of articles, how they relate to one another, and how a writer should compare and contrast the findings to the relatable topic. For example one can review three different articles on leadership and come to the conclusion that three different articles with multiple authors, might have a similar conclusion findings on a research topic. All three authors might believe that a specific leadership style is recommended in an organization, or that a certain process affects the overall productivity of an organization. Slavin (2016, explains the importance of making sure when synthesizing data to refrain from bein bias when synthesizing, seek to evaluate the research design, and the strengths of the provided evidence. With keeping the mindset of how to synthesize data and evaluate its supportive nature to the topic, one can grow as a researcher. It can be beneficial to synthesize more than one article and review the abstract to determine if the article or research item will be beneficial to the topic.

D’Urso, (2020).Synthesis. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.) GCU doctoral research: The literature landscape. Retrieved from 


Slavin, (2016).Synthesis. Perspectives on Evidence-Based Research in Education—What Works? Issues in Synthesizing Educational Program Evaluations 






Every household has a junk drawer (or some similar place) that serves as the “catch all” for items that have no designated place. Go to your junk drawer and randomly retrieve three items. Write one paragraph that summarizes the three items. Then write one-paragraph that compares and contrasts the three items. Finally write one paragraph that synthesizes the three items. Post the three paragraphs. What challenges did you experience in synthesizing the three objects? How do the skills of summarization, comparison and synthesizing differ? What questions do you have about synthesis techniques?


3. Kerri

Looking in the kitchen junk drawer I found three items.  These items are a pen, a charger, and a lighter.

Pens are useful in taking notes and completing handwritten work.  Chargers are also important to completing work as they keep your technology charged allowing you to continue writing.  The lighter aids in lighting candles.  While a candle does not help directly with the task of writing, a candle can set the mood of a room making it possible to focus on a task at hand.

A pen, charger and lighter are all tools a writer may have in their tool box.  Writers may take notes on paper allowing themselves a quick place to refer back to.  Chargers are invaluable tools to allow our computers to continue to work.  We use our computers to not only research, but to write, organize, and even shop.  Trying to sit down and write can be very challenging.  There are many distractions in day to day life.  Lighting a candle with a scent that is calming is one technique that writers may use to assist in staying focused.

Summarization is a brief retell of an idea.  Comparisons encourage the writer to look at the subject matter more deeply in order to determine connections that can be made. Synthesizing allows for new ideas and information to be presented (D’Urso, P., 2020).  Synthesizing articles that appear loosely related is more challenging.  It was not difficult, for example, to realize that a pen and charger would both be useful for a writer.  Tying in the lighter forced me to look at the problem – the comparison – and look a bit deeper for a connection.  I had to not only look at the function, but why it is important.  Synthesizing literature reviews requires a similar skill set.  There may not currently be a large body of research available for your exact topic.  Finding resources that are related, while not the same, may be necessary in order to get the necessary support to make your research credible (Kraus, et. al., 2020).


D’Urso, P., (2020).  Synthesis.  In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), GCU doctoral research: The Literature Landscape. Grand Canyon University.

Kraus, S., Breier, M., & Dasí-Rodríguez, S. (2020). The art of crafting a systematic literature review in entrepreneurship research. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal16(3), 1023-1042.


. Theresa

Topic 3 DQ2

Grand Canyon University

Dr. Davis

February 11, 2022

The first item from the junk drawer is a pair of toaster tongs which is used to grab hot toast, bagels, or waffles from the toaster. The toaster tongs are eight inches in length and affixed to each other at one end. The tongs are made of bamboo. There are eight tiny indentions just inside the grabbing end of the tongs to better grasp the toast, bagel, or waffle. The second item from the junk drawer is a small box of screws and anchors. The words on the box reflect that there are thirty screws and thirty anchors in the box, each one being one inch long. There is a hole in the box at the top left corner, so the exact count of the screws and anchors may not be as stated on the box. The box is see-through. The screws and anchors are used to mount pictures, shelves, etc., on the wall. The third item from the junk drawer is a plastic storage bag, used for storing things. The bag is see-through, quart-sized, and has a plastic sliding zipper mechanism for closure.

All three items were taken from a very full junk drawer. None of the items are used daily, but the toaster tongs are used most often. Two of the three items (the storage bag and the screws and anchors box) are see-through, and they were both in the junk drawer when the current resident moved in. All three items may be of some use in the future and are still in the junk drawer for that very reason. All three items are able to hold something in some fashion.

To summarize the junk drawer and its three contents being presented, all three items are common, everyday things one might find in a junk drawer. This statement is true because the drawer is a junk drawer and every junk drawer’s contents are different. One might conclude that the resident’s hesitancy to dispose of unneeded items due of the possibility of their being useful someday, may lead to an issue of hoarding in the future.

The above exercise was fun, but the items randomly selected from the junk drawer were a bit of a challenge. Finding anything in common with the three items, or even two items, took some thinking and moving the items around for different perspective. The synthesizing is much different than summarizing, as one must find a common likeness or difference in at least two things (D’Urso, 2020).

D’Urso, P. (2020). Synthesis. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), GCU doctoral research: The literature landscape. Retrieved from https://lc.gcumedia.com/res820/gcu-doctoral-research-the-literature-landscape/v1.1/#/chapter/3


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