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Read Chapter 5 on Epictetus in the textbook.

Read the Canvas Lecture entitled, “2306 Lecture : EPICTETUS” located under “Pages” in this course.

2306 Lecture : EPICTETUS

Read through the following high-points that you’ve encountered in the readings:

Epictetus claims that if the wife and children of a virtuous man were to die, he should feel undisturbed.

Epictetus claims that the only thing one can call one’s own is the way one deals with one’s impressions.

Epictetus claims that to be free, we must not wish for anything that depends on others.

Epictetus claims that when someone strikes you, what really angers you is your own judgment.

Epictetus recommends that we act only after careful reflection on the consequences of our actions.

According to Epictetus, the ignorant man never looks to himself for benefit or harm, and the philosopher always looks to himself for benefit or harm.

According to Epictetus, what disturbs our minds is not events but our judgments on events.

In Epictetus’s view, if something is not in our power we should treat it as if it is nothing.

Epictetus claims that a perfectly moral person will do nothing against her or his own will.

After completing the assigned readings, you are to write between 200-300 words responding to the following questions:

* What is freedom for Epictetus, and how does he think that we can achieve it?

* In what sense does Epictetus think that a free person can never be harmed?

* Do you think he is right about this?

Stay strictly within the 200-300 word length guideline.

Canvas Lecture Link: https://gc.instructure.com/courses/3544/pages/2306…

Approved Textbook: Ethics History, Theory, and Contemporary Issues, Steven M. Cahn and Peter Markie. Oxford University Press.

ISBN: 978-0-19-020980-3. (6th edition)



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