Family Recipe In this case one of the recipes which I will select for this family recipe is the Victoria sandwich. Every individual loves the classic Victoria sponge mostly when its homema

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Family Recipe

In this case one of the recipes which I will select for this family recipe is the Victoria sandwich. Every individual loves the classic Victoria sponge mostly when its homemade. This is the first recipes every individual has to be aware concerning how its prepared when they are starting out. One might feel like they are pro in kitchen once they have been able to come up with a delighted treat as well as getting the entire family sample some of them.

When we look at the ingredients, the Victoria sandwich might seem to be a simple cake, ingredients which are used in its preparation are being debated through the aim of creating perfect consistency, crumbs plus flour (Castella,2010). There is the use of the self-rising flour plus the baking powder, for the double whammy besides extra light risen sponge. The other kind of ingredients could be the corn flour; this gives a cake a light texture. Using butter seem as having been recognized universally, except when it comes to the case of baking queen, Mary Berry, that opt for margarine. We have got eggs, although the source for the quantities is also a debate. The purists will weigh eggs for ensuring there is consistency plus quality. For some they are known for adding of extra yolks where the main purpose for this is creation of golden color to the sponge. For some of the recipe they usually add splash milk, having intention of making better way for spreading in pans, for the nice cake (Man & Jones, 1994).


In the preparation of a cake you Have to weigh the eggs first, then use same amounts of flour, sugar, and butter. For the case of coming up with a 20 cm cake you will require the unsalted butter, soft and little more for the greasing of four eggs. The other ingredient is the golden caster sugar, self-rising flour, pinch of salt, one teaspoon of the vanilla extract, little amount of milk and incase its necessary add raspberry jam, the whipping cream plus icing sugar which is vital for dusting (Syarbini, Santosa, & Sayuti, 2020). For this ingredients they are locally available where some can be purchased from food stores.

Preparation of the recipe

For the first step you have to preheat oven up to 400 degrees F.

Step two you have to sift flour plus the baking powder to a medium bowl then set it aside.

When it comes to the third step you have to beat the butter plus sugar with the electric mixers till its light and fluffy. This mixture has to be lighter in color. Add room temperature eggs where for this you have to add one at a time in which you allow every egg to blend in butter mixture before addition of next one. Beat the vanilla. Pour in flour mixture with milk, mixing till its incorporated. Then pour batter in pan which is prepared.

For the fourth step bake in preheated oven till toothpick inserted in center comes out while its clean this takes close to 20 minutes. Cool a cake in pan for close to 10 minutes, then turn cake out on wire rack for complete cooling.

Finally, you can serve the cake the way it is, just dust with the confectioner sugar. Alternatively, cut this cake half horizontally besides sandwiching layers with the jam.

Essential aspects

In the preparation of the Victoria cake the ingredients provided are vital and all the steps which have been provided above have to be followed in order to come up with a cake. In case the ingredients are missed out and one of the steps left then what might come up will not be what was anticipated.

Recipe history

The Victoria sandwich was famously being used during Victorian tea time. This is similar to the sponge cake which is white in color, firm in the structure plus evident aeration. In this there is use of more fat than for the classic sponge cakes which makes it to be rigid or airy. This usually falls in the case of plain cakes (Man & Jones,1994).

The credit for preparation of the cake goes to Anna Maria Stanhope, this is a duchess of the Bedford plus Lady in the waiting to the Queen Victoria in mid of the 18th century. For queen did ask for tea plus cake in late afternoon hence the Duchess had to come up with this sandwich cake for her. This cake was favorite for queen besides being served at all her lunches. Nevertheless, it was being used at tea which had been prepared for the children. The Victorian sponge cake became popular choice for adults and children in times of Victorian high tea. This cake has continued spreading globally picking different variation.

Importance of ingredients

The vital ingredients for the cake is the fat and sugar. This are vital since they wreck or soften the structure of the cake through providing of moisture and tenderness. For the ingredients they are locally available and can be obtained from the global markets.

Significance of recipe

For this cake it was being served with the traditional English afternoon tea for the queen which was vital during tea times and it could not miss in her meals since she loved it. Through the continued use by adults and the children the cake was adapted globally.

Serving Victorian sandwich

For the cake its cut in small sandwiches plus being served in similar way. For the cake its considered at the time of English tea treat. During tea parties the cake is served for accompanying the tea as an escort.

Importance of Victorian sandwich to family

Being a family of five members at tea time during breakfast having this cake as an escort will be of great benefit. This saves a lot in matters of time since the ingredients for its preparation are accessible. Having a piece of sandwich for each individual makes us to call I a day.

Personally I have never been involved in making of the recipe since most of the time my mother and sister are the ones engaged in matters of kitchen hence they are the ones that prepare it. This recipe has been important to us during tea times and when we have got visitors since we are able to share it among ourselves which assist in bringing the family together.

We have got different types of sponge cakes which include the toting, wetting plus the filling white forest sponge cake; the white forest cake slices, the Frasier cake plus the angel food cakes. The difference in this cakes it the color of pastry which is being used in each. This provides the different varieties that an individual is able to choose from.


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