FIN 401 Chapter 3 – S&S Air, Inc. Ratio Analysis Case Study #1 Rubric OVERVIEW

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FIN 401
Chapter 3 – S&S Air, Inc.
Ratio Analysis
Case Study #1 Rubric
The concept and purpose of the mini-case studies is to place the student in a “work-type” environment.
This assumes that the student has been assigned a task (the mini case) by a high-level officer of the
company (CEO, CFO, etc.).
The student (i.e., employee/analyst) is expected to prepare and present a response in a clean, clear form
that is readily understandable with key points addressed and clear answers are displayed.
1. Case studies must be submitted in Excel on the date due, no exceptions will be permitted.
2. Name and date of the analyst must be clearly displayed, bottom right-hand of the page (Course
and section as well).
3. No late submissions will be considered.
4. All responses must be type-written, no handwritten material is permitted.
5. All calculations must be done in excel and presented in a “clear & concise” format
a. Assume this is a submission to an employer (e.g., CFO).
b. Formatting with footnotes (if necessary) is highly important
6. Accuracy, neatness, and clarity are critical to obtaining a full score.
7. The complete package/submission should be 1 page only.
8. Points will be subtracted if the material does not meet these guidelines
1. Table: Answer Question #1 on Page 95 in the book. That is, calculate the financial ratios listed
in the table for S&S Air. Indicate – clearly – which ratios are good/positive, average/neutral and
2. Section/Paragraph I: In a separate paragraph, comment on what you feel are the key ratios and
why these are important – this should be very (!) brief.
3. Section/Paragraph II: The Case Study mentions other aircraft manufacturers. Indicate which are
good company comparisons for S&S and which ones are not good comparable companies. Also,
briefly indicate why or why not these are good or bad comparisons.

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