FIU Environmental Science & Food Resources Discussion

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Food Resources

A. This discussion forum concerns many of the topics covered in Chap. 18, that which you may use as reference along other with other useful sources on the internet or as suggested below.  (6 points)


1) Describe your basic diet.  You may use the below link to categorize various types of diets where variations of animal-based products are in or your diet, or do you primarily consume a meat diet?

2) List several of your favorite and common foods/dishes that you eat.  I suggest, for the sake of organization, divide them into foods that are your favorites versus foods that you eat commonly.  If your favorites are what you eat commonly that is OK to list those as either, but likely many of us aren’t always able to eat favorite foods all the time and many of our common foods we consume are out of convenience and/or cost.  Just make a list in whatever fashion for the sake of this assignment.

3) Concerning at least two of the foods/dishes you listed above, preferably one of your favorites and one of your common foods, provide an analysis of them from the standpoint of how they are produced and/or harvested, and its perceived impact toward sustainability, or not.  Particularly address aspects of food production from Chapter 18 such as country of origin, industrial agriculture versus locally grown/sourced, genetically modified food, land impacted, and pest management.  If a type of seafood is your favorite or common food, you may additionally address issues of harvesting and/or the aquaculture of the food.

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