foodborne pathogens strains in manure amended agriculture soils

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Please follow this instructions give me a quick summary of this foodborne pathogens article you chose , then write a essay

c. Dig in deeper to learn more on the topic than was presented in class

d. Your opinion is welcomed in this paper if you want,
BUT be sure to support your ideas if you choose to write opinions

2) Research

a. Use the library databases and resources

b. Use the Hartnell Reference Librarians!

c. Use Google

d. Use newspaper Internet search engines

3) Write the paper

a. Name, date and ABT-58 in the upper right corner, single spaced

b. Descriptive title, centered and bold (do NOT underline)

c. Write your paper using 12-point Times New Roman font

d. Format the body of the paper as double-spaced

e. Use one inch margins all around (top, bottom, left and right)

f. FIVE PAGE MINIMUM, and 10 page maximum length


a. Use in-text citations (MLA format) to support every new idea or data
EVERY SINGLE PARAGRAPH should have at least one citation.

For more information about MLA in-text citations, visit the following sites:… (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

b. The last page of your document should be a WORKS CITED page

Be sure to use MLA format for your works cited page.

For a good summary of the Works Cited page, visit he following page:… (Links to an external site.)

NOTE: To make a page break in Microsoft Word use <CTRL>+<ENTER>

c. Include a MINIMUM OF THREE references in your Works Cited.
For an A paper, I suggest FIVE or more references.
Use MLA format with hanging indent paragraphs.
DO NOT just provide the web address (URL) for references from the Internet.

d. YOUR WORKS CITED DOES NOT COUNT toward your 5 page minimum.

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