For each of the assignments in the course, you will have a specific role as follows: : fact finding/data collectionanalysis/collecting key points write/presentation and /document the milestonesEach w

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For each of the assignments in the course, you will  have a specific role as follows:

  • : fact finding/data collection
  • analysis/collecting key points
  • write/presentation and /document the milestones
  • Each week you will switch roles so each member takes on all roles, at least twice, by the end of the course.

In Module 6 assignment you created the Component Architecture as follows:

  1. Detailed data structures
  2. Security standards
  3. Security products and tools
  4. Identities, functions, actions, and ACLs
  5. Processes, nodes, addresses and protocols
  6. Security step timing and sequencing

Final Project Instructions:In this final project, you are required to complete the following tasks:

  1. Create the Management Architecture (Manager’s View) using the SABSA framework.
  2. Combine all architectures – Contextual, Conceptual, Logical, Physical, Component, and Management – as chapters into a single document.
  3. Create a Gantt Chart to show a timeline for completion of each architecture.
  4. Upload the entire project as a single Word file for grading. Each phase must start on a separate page for clarity. (Deliverables)

Note: you do not need to upload the Management Architecture as a separate file.Management ArchitectureWhen the building is finished, those who architected, designed, and constructed it move out, but someone has to run the building during its lifetime. Such a person is often called the facilities manager or service manager. The job of the service manager is to deal with the operation of the building and its various services, maintaining it in good working order, and monitoring how well it is performing in meeting the requirements. The framework for doing this is called the service management security architecture.In the realm of business information systems, the service management architecture is concerned with classical systems operations and service management work. Here the focus of attention is only on the security-related parts of that work. The security service management architecture is concerned with the following:

  • Service delivery management (assurance of operational continuity and excellence of the business systems and information processing and maintaining the security of operational business data and information).
  • Operational risk management (risk assessment, risk monitoring and reporting, and risk treatment so as to minimize operational failures and disruptions).
  • Process delivery management (management and support of systems, applications, and services, performing specialized security-related operations such as user security administration, system security administration, data back-ups, security monitoring, emergency response procedures, etc.).
  • Personnel management (account provisioning and user support management for the security-related needs of all users and their applications, including business users, operators, administrators, etc.).
  • Management of the environment (management of buildings, sites, platforms, and networks).
  • Management schedule (managing the security-related calendar and timetable).

Develop the Management Architecture in the context of your specific business scenario as follows:

  1. Assurance of operational continuity
  2. Operational risk management
  3. Security service management and support
  4. Application and user management and support
  5. Security of sites and platforms
  6. Security operations schedule

Review all assignments 1 thru 6 that were turned in previously. Make appropriate changes (if any) in all 6 layers based on instructor feedback after grading, suggestions, recommendations, gaps, enhancements, inconsistencies, etc. Your full report must include the following in APA-7 format:

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Full description of Business Scenario (with title of business)
  • Contextual Layer
  • Conceptual Layer
  • Logical Layer
  • Physical Layer
  • Component Layer
  • Management Layer
  • Relationship of Management Layer with all other layers (about 2 paragraphs) – unique to SABSA.
  • Gantt Chart (timeline for completion)
  • References (at minimum, three are required)

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