Forensic Science

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1. For this discussion, select a piece of physical evidence (soil, paint, biological, etc.) and explain the entire process from collection to laboratory examination. What are some collection techniques used and the process laboratory personnel used to exam the evidence.

A minimum of 250 words and two scholarly sources. Must be in APA format and referenced in APA format

Case Study: Using the Internet and Chapter 12 of your text, research the Wayne Williams case.

2. Case Summary

In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case. Minimum word count is 500 words.

3. Case Analysis

What role did fiber evidence play in his conviction; be detailed.

4. Case Analysis

Could a conviction have been rendered without the fiber evidence? What other evidence did the prosecution present?

5. Executive Decisions

How vital was expert testimony to the case? How would you as the prosecutor have prepared the expert witnesses for trial?

All answers must be cited in APA format and referenced in APA format a minimum of 1,200 words ( total assignment ) and three scholarly sources. Please remember the In text Citations. Number 1 will be separate from then 2-4. Number 1 needs 250 minimum word count with two sources. References do not count towards word count.

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