formal essay 1

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Discuss the evolution of the “tale” from Gilgamesh, as an epic, to 1001 Nights and Canterbury Tales, as a “nested” or framed narrative. Explaining reasons for that evolution, do a closer reading and comparison of the characters, the style, the point of view, and the historical and religious context that might shape the works (Medieval England, Islamic, Koranic storytelling) in both 1001 Nights and “The Wife of Bath”

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1. Writing that comes from a personaland analyticalpoint of view, reflecting your values.

2. The motivation to seek out truths: in finding support for your views. This entails research on the internet, the databases, and your textbooks. If you omit this step, your writing will fall flat, even though you may have a strong point of view. Merging these two writing strategies is a successful move.

3. The use of blending, attribution, and footnoting, to further convince your readers. When you blend in sources, you are providing information that convinces the reader of your point of view. The more detail, the more control you have over your point of view, and the reader is more likely to be convinced. Attribution is essential to avoid plagiarism: All information — big or small — should be attributed, and this can be done by similarly writing: According to . . . Finally, more details about the source information, even though given attribution, or background on a subject, further helps in convincing your audience that you have researched the subject you are writing on. And using footnoteseffectively, accurately, and in MLA format.

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