GEO 20C3 McMaster University Logging in British Columbia Canada Discussion

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There are multiple sides to every story. For this assignment you will be required to work in groups of
one, two, three or four in order to create a “point/counterpoint” type of an argument. The goal of this is
to see how limiting the arguments can be when one side may be biased with an agenda. Many modern
Canadian issues involve stakeholders from many different backgrounds, with many different opinions.
Stakeholders are individuals who are directly involved in making decisions. They can be government
officials, celebrities, company owners, neighbourhood organizations, or anything else you find
You are required to choose a stakeholder position (either for or against) one of the scenarios listed on
page 3 of this assignment. Using this foundation, you must have a back and forth debate within your
group. You were only asked to discuss the environmental challenges of these issues, however each of
these also has many consequences for social, economic, and health parameters in Canada. How you
organize this is up to you. You can choose to act as yourselves, or get into characters (an Indigenous
group vs. Justin Trudeau, David Suzuki vs. an oil company, Donald Trump vs. An anti-coal group, etc).
You must explain the format and setting of your debate (i.e., is it on Twitter between two or more
political figures? Is it a transcript from an interview? Is it a video interview? Was it a Facebook
argument? Is it on the class Discussion Forum?), and provide a copy of it (in text or picture/screen
capture format).

If you are working alone or in a group of three or four you must have the same number of people in the
conversation as you have in your group. You must also have seven exchanges but you will have more
people in the exchange. For example, in a group of three the following you represent one exchange (this
is obviously overly simplistic):
Julia Treehugger: The environment is precious and we need to save it!
Charlie Cutdown: The environment is a resource for us to exploit!
Miranda Middling: We need to strike a balance between environmental issues and human needs!

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