Georgia Tech Hydrology and Water Resources Essay

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While all the publications considered in this study agree that global water resources are being overexploited and depleted, it is critical to understand the role of privatization of natural resources and their global impact. In most cases, privatization has given fossil fuel corporations fixed impunity to pollute and destroy the entire planet. (RESEARCH QUESTION)

This literature review will explore the following questions: To what degree is it ethical to enable private corporations to extract, use, and sell water resources as a commodity, given how the implications of privatization have induced global warming by over-exploiting and combusting fossil fuels resources throughout space and time? Moreover, what role does the global virtual water trade play in consuming water resources from water-scarce regions in the United States?



CRITERIA <- click link.

Length: 2300-2800 words (paper needs at least 1600 more words)

Research Question: addresses the research questions you posed in your topic description

Style: APA Format

Citation: Use parenthetical in-text citations

Note: add some data/calculations to the paper

Note: no direct quoting unless it is data and statistics

Note: word count does not include works on the reference page



Microsoft Word Doc: Literature Review <-DIRECT LINK TO PAPER

Excel Document <- DIRECT LINK TO Reference Matrix title/authors, keywords & main ideas, research (see separate spreadsheets taps located at the bottom

Two PDF Documents (contains all texts and journals)

1. Anisfeld, Fleck, Groenfeldt, Hoekastra

2. Jame, Konor, Marston, Nixon, Rosa, Silva, Smith



1. Global Unsustainable Virtual Water Flows in Agricultural Trade (Rosa, et alt., 2019)

2. Globalization of Water (Hoekstra & Chapagain, 2008)

3. Groundwater Doctrine and Water Withdrawals in the United States (Jame & Bowling, 2020)

4. Instream Flow Rights within the Prior Appropriation Doctrine: Insights from Colorado (Smith, 2019)

5. Neoliberalism, Genre, and “The Tragedy of the Commons” (Nixon, 2012)

6. The Water Footprint of the United States (Konar & Marston, 2020)

7. Virtual Groundwater Transfers from Overexploited Aquifers in the United States (Marston et alt., 2015)

8. Water Ethics (Groenfeldt, 2019)

9. Water and Governance in the USA (San Miguel, 2019)

10. Water is for Fighting Over (Fleck, 2016)

11. Water Resources (Anisfeld, 2010)



1. Start by reviewing the CRITERIA <- click link.

2. View PAPER and critically think about the research question(s)

3. View the excel document and analyze the Matrix spreadsheet to view authors & keywords and concepts.

4. View the hydrology and water resource concept spreadsheet in the Matrix sub-tabs. Improve word/concept usage by referring to this

5. Scroll down to the fifth page of the PAPER for further instructions on where to start.

6. Review texts and journals as needed (ATTACHED).



1. Introduction

2. Declining Aquifers

3. Virtual Water

4. Water Rights ( 1-2 more sentences then transition into section 5 )

5. Governance & The Global Economy (1-2 Paragraphs w/ Data & Calculations)

Keywords: Mismanagement, Corruption, Conflicts of Interest, Lack of Expertise, Water Infrastructure, Free Market Capitalism, Neoliberal Policies, Supply Chain, Profit, Pollution, Economic Good, Virtual Water Flows, Virtual Water Transfers, Virtual Water Trade

6. Globalization & Privatization (1-2 Paragraphs w/ Data & Calculations)

Keywords: Population, Dependency, Water Quality, Equity, Public Good, Access to Water, Global Water Shortages, Rich/Poor, Conflicts/Disputes Water Wars, Virtual Water, Agricultural Sustainability, Aquifer Depletion, Unsustainable Irrigation, Water Footprint, Developing Nations, Developed Nations, Underdeveloped Nations, Global North, Global South, Native Americans, Water Rights, Water Ethics, Overconsumption, Overexploitation

7. The Environment & Climate Change (1-2 Paragraphs w/ Data & Calculations)

Keywords: Pollution, Fossil Fuels, Extraction, Aquatic Ecosystems, Water and Ecosystems, Floods, Soil Erosion, Water Supply and Demand, Droughts, Populations, Water Rights, Tragedy of the Commons, Rich/Poor, Conflicts/Disputes Water Wars, Displacement, Water Scarcity, Water Stress, Water Shortages, Contamination,

8. Conclusion (1-2 Paragraphs w/ Results)

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