Glendale Community College Future of Human Biological Evolution Discussion

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In this post, discuss what you see as the future of human biological evolution. Don’t just be fanciful! Ground your discussion in your knowledge, from this course, of how evolution actually works and what forces shape it. Please offer a substantial, thoughtful post in the form of a full paragraph at least.

Some things to remember and consider:

  • Mutations occur at random. They don’t come about because there is a need for them or because you want them to.
  • Traits only spread through natural selection if they lead to an increase in reproduction for those who have the trait.
  • For the reasons noted above, major evolutionary changes generally occurs rather slowly in a population. Populations cannot just magically evolve to adapt to whatever comes their way!
  • How might human culture and technology alter what traits are passed on more often and what traits are not passed on more often?
  • How might we shape evolution intentionally, such as through the intentional manipulation of human genetics?
  • How will changes in the environment in which we live help to shape the future of human evolution — and what role will humans play in changing that very environment?

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