Global Reasearch PT 1

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Give a brief introduction about your country and include any pertinent information you’d like. Indicate the information below will be reviewed to determine the current indicators of wealth (economics) of your country.

Discuss the indicators of wealth including (explain each indicator and discuss the values of each):

  • GDP (Gross Domestic Product)
  • Median income
  • GINI Index
  • Economic Freedom Score
  • Human Development Index
  • OECD Better Life Index (if applicable – not all countries have been evaluated)
  • What is the cost of a day’s meal you created?  Choose the most traditional meals from your chosen country. You will have to look up typical foods and the cost of these foods. You can find this information, though it may take you some time.  If you have a contact in the country you’re reviewing, ask if they can give current costs. Or, look at supermarkets websites in that country.  
  • What is the average daily wage?
  • How much is rent typically (chose a location in the country, it can be urban or rural)
  • How much is water per liter if water is not potable (clean via tap)?
  • How much is gasoline per liter?
  • After you’ve determined the costs above, does the average person have enough money to meet their nutritional needs (kcal/nutrients) based off median income and/or daily wage?
  • How can all these be used to indicate wealth and how a country and its civilians are doing overall?
  • Cite and reference in AMA format.

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