GSCI 1024 University of Phoenix ?What Is Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste HW

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Environmental Science GSCI 1024

Assessment #3

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Q1. What is solid waste and hazardous waste? (0.5 marks)

Q2. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of disposing of waste in (a)sanitary landfills and (b) by incineration. (2 marks)

(a) Sanitary Landfills: Advantages


(b) Incineration: Advantages


Q3. What are PCBs, and what harm do they cause? (0.5 marks)

Q4. What is the difference between municipal solid waste and non-municipal solid waste? (1 mark)

Municipal solid waste:

Non-municipal solid waste:

Q5. Identify one of major factors destroying biological diversity throughout the world. What role does restoration ecology play in conserving Earth’s biological diversity? (2 marks)

Major Factor:

Restoration Ecology:

Q6. What is source reduction? (0.5 marks)

Q7. How do source reduction, reuse, and recycling reduce the volume of solid waste? (0.5 marks)

Q8. a. What is environmental justice? (0.5 marks)

b. Is environmental justice a local issue, an international issue, or both? Explain. (0.5 marks)

Q9. What should you do to improve the global environment? What can you do to improve the global environment? What will you do to improve the global environment? Be honest! (1 mark)

Q10. Does the cartoon below refer to highly developed or developing countries? How do you think a sanitary landfill would differ in the two types of countries? (1 mark)

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