Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on According to the requirement and i am living in the Santa Barbara. It needs to be at least 500 words.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on According to the requirement and i am living in the Santa Barbara. It needs to be at least 500 words. The Three Triangles The three triangles is one of the magnificent sculptures in Santa Barbara. This sculpture is located on the East of Santa Barbara College. The three triangles sculpture by Fletcher Benton is one his many sculptures that he created throughout his illustrious career as an artist. This sculpture epitomizes Benton’s journey and development as an artist. Benton used his sculptures to communicate his life experiences and his background. The three triangles sculpture is not different either, as it mirrors heavily Bento’s background especially his upbringing in iron mining areas of southern Ohio. The aesthetic value of the three triangles remains unclear among artists and art lovers. It is necessary to analyze Bento’s background and his experiences in analyzing the aesthetic value of this sculpture. This is because life experiences and childhood background has profound influence on an artist’s work.

The three triangles has some cultural values that Bento follows. He uses iron and steel to manufacture this sculpture. Bento’s background influences his work. His use of iron signifies his connection to his roots in southern Ohio (Ratcliff, Carter, Collette, Jolei & Fletcher 156). In addition to using art to connect with his roots, this sculpture signifies a breakthrough from mainstream artists especially kinetics artists. Most kinetic artists used aluminum, wood or lacquer in their sculptures. The three triangles sculpture highlights Bento’s innovation. In the development of art, it signifies the end of kinetics art and the beginning of a new artistic style.

The three triangles sculpture signifies the importance of constructivism in Bento’s career (Ratcliff, Carter, Collette, Jolei & Fletcher 186). One of the major differences with other mainstream artists was Bento’s belief in creativity. This sculpture is quintessential of constructivism as a style of art. Bento painted the three triangles sculpture red like the Steel Watercolor sculpture in Cologne Germany. The red painting of this sculpture is in tandem with Santa Barbara college color highlighting Bento’s ability to blend his art with the surrounding environment.

The three triangles sculpture cultural impact is on the use of three-dimensional figures in art. The sculpture contains three triangles. Prior to this sculpture, artists hardly used three-dimensional figures in their artworks. Ratcliff, Carter, Collette, Jolei & Fletcher (225) argues that this sculpture, therefore, exemplifies the use of three-dimensional figures such as triangles, rectangles, squares in art. In addition, the three triangles sculpture signifies the use of geometry and demystification of gravity in artwork. The slanting three triangles are in a row held by a flat base and a circular base at the bottom. The cultural significance of this work is that it embodies the use of geometry and defying of gravity in arts.

Some art analysts argue that this sculpture has no cultural value. One argument for this assertion is that Bento’ sculpture does not culturally influence the society, especially the way the society perceives art. The use of iron and steel has no significant cultural impact on the society but indicates Bento’s connection with iron. Nonetheless, Bento’s innovation especially his use of constructivism has cultural influence on art. Bento’s use of geometry and three-dimensional objects undoubtedly influences the perception of art by the audience. The three triangle sculpture has improved the perspectives through which viewers perceives art.

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