Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Comment paper2. It needs to be at least 500 words.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Comment paper2. It needs to be at least 500 words. (College) Social Cognition Focusing on impression management strategies used by people when they first meet, it is always observable that they tend to display self-promotion and supplication amongst other strategies. Usually upon first meeting their looks tends to affect attraction more than anything else does. In that case, a pretty lady would use her beauty to enhance self-promotion. Should it happen that the two parties are of the opposite sex and each one of them perceives the other to be attractive, we could most likely attribute the incident to self-promotion. According to Mercus & Miller (2015) a person’s look do matter a lot. The author further affirms that “People who are judged to be physically attractive make generally more favorable impressions on others than do people with lesser looks.” Attractive people are assumed to be more sociable and destined to make good parents in the future. Perhaps this could be due to the fact that they are liked by many. But assuming they had no sense of attraction, then they would not even be displaying self-promotion strategies.

Meeting can also arouse supplication. This could happen in such a way that one party is attracted to another and so they feel like staying a bit longer next to that person. This is to imply that someone would chose to supplicate for anything so that they. Supplication is therefore a strategic tool to not only enhance attraction but also impress another person. Impression is thus built on these two strategies because they rarely invoke frustration.

The out listed strategies are advantageous in the sense that they make it easier for attractive parties to interact. This is possible as studies such as the one conducted by Mercus & Miller (2003) reveal. Furthermore, based on what men and women want, people tend to evaluate potential partners while considering their level of attractiveness or validity. Self-promotion creates some sense of belonging. This is an impressive feeling that hardly changes even in the future. It is simply because one views themselves to be of a particular class while also involving the family at large in their thoughts.

The worst cases of self-promotion and supplication is when you always keen being offended upon displaying the strategies. It is at this point that you even begin fearing for the future of your children. The slightest feeling of rejection upon display of these strategies mark the worst case experience. The body of women is always intriguing and that can explains why we keep having the likes of Miss America contest and popular women magazines (Pottijohn & Jungeberg, 2004, pp.118). Chances are that in the near future men too will be featured hence diluting the female pride that has existed for so long. “Continuous representations of women in the media provide a medium for studying changes across time and conditions.” (Pottijohn & Jungeberg, 2004, pp.118). This author further features the nonexistence of self-promotion in old age. As one ages these strategies get complicated to even display. Displaying these strategies by people who are just becoming friends would make them end up spending more time without even knowing their inner traits.

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