Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Rape Culture in Society. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Rape Culture in Society. It needs to be at least 1250 words. The authority has offered a deaf ear since it lets the perpetrators walk off without being prosecuted. For how long will this misbehavior continue? Who can help change society’s perception regarding the already established gender stereotypes?&nbsp. The discussion below is proof that society condones rapes and relies on prevalent norms, attitudes and practices as an excuse.

Marxist analysis brought out an economic perspective of the world’s first rape instance. According to the analysis, a continuous increase in labor force demand to prepare farms gave birth to tribal fights for material things like cattle, land and slaves (Brownmiller 12). During such struggles, women were raped before enslaving men who could not defend their property. Does it mean human beings, creatures assumed to have a high thinking capacity cannot understand the sexual concept? In a real sense, no observations have ever been recorded by zoologists indicating animals in the wild raping each other. It is interesting to note that mating in their case only occurs when the females go on heat (Brownmiller 13). In human beings, when men realized they could force women into having sex, they continued with the act and have always argued against it saying it is not a crime if a woman gives in.

Rape exists and its eradication is very difficult. This is because women are already trained to be victims of rape from when they are children through cultural norms. By teaching them to be submissive to men, they become vulnerable to such acts. Actually, men have always believed that all women are willing to be raped (Brownmiller 313). Due to this misconception, society always finds it difficult to agree if there is rape in the first place since they consider women the cause of it all. Women have been denied a chance to explore their sexual fantasies. For this reason, males become violent due to cultural imbalance. In a real sense, women always have an unsatisfactory fantasy life in relation to sex. For this reason, women are always forced to enjoy it in a manner stimulated by men.

This kind of gender violence in society is due to unclear differentiation of gender alignment between&nbsp.women and men. Rape as a form of violence is something that occurs among people who know each other. Fathers rape their daughters, grandparents rape their grandkids, and family friends rape children.


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