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American businesspeople are foot soldiers in battle with Russia and China


For this discussion, I’ve chosen the topic of America’s race with China and Russia to remain the world’s foremost power and influence, and the importance of business and public policy in affecting that. The topic is always of interest, but recently a little more so due to the new U.S. president’s boisterous promises to ‘make America great again’ combined with his public rhetoric—both positive and negative—about leaders from both China and Russia.

The referenced story in the Houston Chronicle offers the position that, “Today, we live in the age of partnerships, when wealth and influence are accrued through mutually beneficial trade, shared political values and the easy movement of labor. But the competition for power and privilege continues, with Russia and China working every day to bring the United States down. American businesspeople may not realize it, but because this great game centers on economics, they have become geopolitical foot soldiers.” The unique balance between business and political interests makes it of interest to both business executives and public policy makers.

For the business leaders, I would summarize the importance of research and development in new technologies that would keep their businesses at the forefront of their industries. I would also focus on the importance of developing employees and associates who understand the need for staying ahead of the competition, both nationally and internationally. The combination of investing in technology research and human resources would be keys to U.S. corporations becoming or remaining global leaders.

In summarizing this to public policy creators, I would emphasize the importance of creating new or strengthening existing policies that deal with corporations who do business globally, as well as the technology they are enhancing or generating. Because policy makers can have a tendency to get bogged down in the practice of regulations for regulation’s sake, I believe it would be a good idea to lay out the individual benefits of creating policies that promote and support business growth and global leadership by U.S. corporations. And, while it may be superfluous to do it, I would also stress the benefits of these corporations’ successes to the U.S. economy and the revenues they would generate for the U.S. government.

If global superiority is a nation’s goal, then business and technology will be the tools that nation uses to get to the goal. Therefore, the ability to show both business and policy leaders the importance of working together in those areas would be valuable skill to have.


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