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This is an assignment focused on applied behavior change. Choose a current, specific social issue of concern within the realm of social psychology. Write a 1-2 page literature review on the issue, focusing on behavior change strategies that are being used to prevent it. This should not be a book report about what the issue is. While you should briefly introduce the issue itself, only do so as necessary to be able to understand the research on behavior change strategies to address it (and use citations!). A literature review is NOT a book report. It is exactly what its name implies: a review of the literature on a specific topic. I don’t want to read about what the issue is. I want to read about what the research says about promising behavior change strategies. While this may be a very limited review given the small number of required resources, I am looking for summary and synthesis. The follow links (and many, many others) provide more information about literature reviews: (Links to an external site.) ***read the description of a literature review*** (Links to an external site.) ***look at the example’s literature review section*** (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Use APA style (Links to an external site.) and at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. Do not use your textbook or research presented therein. Include a title page, running head, level 1 headers, page numbers, in-text citations, and a reference page. For ease, the only headers you need are, “Introduction,” and “Literature Review.” Your title and reference pages will not count towards the page limit. Write for a general academic audience in third person (do not use “I,” “me,” “we,” you,” “us”…). Double space and use 12 point font consistent with APA style (refer to the tutorial (Links to an external site.)!).

You absolutely must cite any and all information that comes from a source and all sources must be included in the reference page. Plagiarism, including using direct text from sources without using quotes and in-text citations (i.e. copying and pasting), will garner a 0 on the assignment. As the syllabus states, if you have any concerns at all about potentially plagiarizing, come talk to me!

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