Refine the first draft of my story based off greek mythology, English homework help

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This is a story I wrote for english based off Greek mythology, so if you could refine it and maybe add a few paragraphs and some dialogue

” Prosperina could not believe her eyes when she saw a poor man trudging along the dusty path towards his humble farm. She remembered that her mother had told her countless times not to visit the human world, she had told her that most humans were jealous of there fortune and luck, but she couldn’t help empathizing with this man in particular, she had seen him plowing his fields countless times. She knew that her mother would be able to spare some of the grain that she used.

As she followed him down the path she couldn’t help to see that although the man had nothing himself, he still fed the starving dog lying near the broken down wagon. While being so focused on her thoughts, Prospering had not noticed a gnarly tree root on the path but alas the old man had managed to catch her.

“Oh” she said “thank you sir”

“What’s such a young and beautiful girl like you doing in this godforsaken place?”

“I couldn’t help but notice that you had helped feed that poor dog but you yourself look like you could use a warm meal,” she said as she gathered herself

“You are right young girl, it is quite difficult for me to feed my family as well as me since my crops have refused to grow after this treacherous flood.” He uttered while looking down at his dirty toga.

“I am sure my mother could be of great help to you, she has the best seeds, they grow on any kind of soil in any kinds of conditions” she reassured him.

The man agreed to follow Prosperina to her mothers home.

The man gasped as he saw the number of crops growing in the fields. He had not seen this bountiful of a harvest in his life. He stumbled along as Prosperina led him into the shed in which the seeds were held. She filled a small cloth bag with a handful of the seeds that seemed like they shined even in the dingy shed.

“Prosperina” her mother called.

“Oh” Prosperina quickly replied to the man “I’ll be back shortly.”

The man thought to himself that he would never see the girl again in his life, if he just took a bit more seeds, no one would notice. He scanned his surroundings but saw neither Prosperina nor her mother, he quickly filled a sack lying on the ground with a few pounds the seeds. He slowly crept away.

“I hope you only gave him a few seeds, that would be enough for his meager farm” said Ceres, Prosperina’s mother as they walked towards the shed.

“Yes, mother” replied Prosperina exasperated.

“Well, where is this man?” said Ceres.

Prosperina was stunned to see that the old man had left, she could not believe it.

“He must have stolen the seeds, look at the mess!” yelled Prosperina.

She felt hurt that this human had decided to lie to her. She realized that her mother was right all along, humans were filthy, liars and cowards.

“We must find him, that was all the seeds I needed for the next season” exclaimed Ceres. Prosperina felt so ashamed that she had trusted this man, once again she was wrong.

As they walked towards his farm, Prosperina was fuming, she had given this man all of her trust and he had betrayed her. She saw him peeking through a window. He slowly opened his door and crept out.

“I cannot believe you have betrayed me” shouted Prosperina

“I’m very sorry Miss, there were just so many I didn’t think that you would mind” mustered the man.

“My mother needed those seeds for the next season” said Prosperina.

“Okay, Miss I shall give them back” said the man.”

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