Team-Building Short Discussion

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I am needing a short post (2 paragraphs) for the following topic: View this interactive discussion scenario and answer the question(s) posed at the end of the presentation.

The video link includes a notes tab which provides the transcript to the video.

Please use MLA citations if including reference.

I will also need 2 peer responses created. Please see the post created by my classmates below:

1) Sarah did a great job communicating her information, now she just needs to make sure it is implemented. A few strategies I would impose are making sure the vision of the company is in a visible location for the staff and the customers. The more the staff sees the vision, the more likely they will follow its path. It would also allow customers to see what the expectations are and would hold the staff accountable to deliver. I would also implement a staff to staff recognition board. This board will allow a peer to recognize another peer for delivering outstanding service. Some of the best awards I received throughout my life have come from peers. It is always a good feeling when your peers see you are valuable.


2) With the workshop completed and the wait staff trained on the new direction and policies, it is up to Sarah to observe behaviors and tendencies of the wait staff. Being in an observance state, I feel Sarah’s best interest should be to let a leader rise amongst the wait staff. Given that the scenario explained, ‘the wait staff is on-board,’ there should be a renewed sense of inspiration or desire from the staff to achieve their new goals. What has to be set are important tasks, that is number one. Once those tasks are generally assigned, I believe, letting the team appropriate those task would be the best case scenario. This way, members of the wait staff can deliberate and delegate tasks to who they see fit. This will give Sarah the ability to be in charge of the overall goals, while giving her the ability to interject situations when they arise. With a team lead delegating day-to-day tasks, Sarah now has more time for specialized one-on-one training to ensure team members that are falling behind, be picked up and not left behind. Staff meeting should now become a priority for Sarah.

Conducting open-discussion staff meetings are a great way to give staff members a voice. For Sarah’s situation, having weekly or bi-weekly staff meeting will ensure that any nuances or gremlins be caught early, before they become a bigger issue. This will also allow members to share ideas amongst each other to solve topics at hand. I believe this is imporant to guarantee Sarah’s success and the morale of the team. A team that communicates is more likely to succeed.

– Fernando

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