Listening Assignment

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Listening Assignment #1-Oh, Pretty Woman

The song: Oh, Pretty Woman by Albert King (4:26)

You can hear it on youtube at:

Or click on the link below:

Format: One pagetypewritten, double-spaced. Please use a 12pt font.

Please place your name + LA# 1 + today’s date (on the upper left hand corner of the paper). Do not include the name of the song anywhere in the header or above the

body of the paper.

Example: John Doe – LA#1 – 2/23/17.

Listening assignments are opinion papers. You will point out several objective points in the music, i.e. tonal color, dynamics, texture, etc., describe them, and then give your detailed (subjective) opinions of them.

Oh, Pretty Woman consists of a male vocal, electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboard, horn section (tenor saxophone and trumpet) and drums. It is in blues form.

Specific questions to answer and topics to cover for Oh, Pretty Woman:

  1. Does this song begin with the guitar or vocal?
  2. Does the vocal follow the typical AAB blues pattern? Why or why not?
  3. Which instrument keeps the basic tempo or beat of the song?
  4. Would you say that the song’s tempo or pulse is slow, medium or fast?
  5. What is the mood of the song? Why?
  6. Do the dynamics change in the song? Why or why not? If so, where?
  7. Which instruments create most of the tonal color in the song?
  8. Does the overall texture change anywhere in the song? If so, where?
  9. Is there a question and answer type dialog between King’s lead guitar and his vocal lines?
  10. How does the song end? Describe what you hear.
  11. What do you like or do not like about anything in the song and about the song overall? Please give several reasons.

Please note: Listening Assignments are not research papers. Please do not include any of the following:

– biographies of the musicians

– how successful the musicians are or how many records they sold

– a history of the song and/or the musicians

– any comparisons to any other song even if it is by the same artist

Final points:Please listen to the song several times and take notes during each performance. For example, listen once for texture, then again for dynamics, etc.

Please have your paper printed a day or so before the due date so you will have it when you come to class that day. Early paper submissions are welcome.You may present a draft before the due date for comments, however it is not required.

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