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responses should be at least three paragraphs each. At minimum a

paragraph is 4-5 sentences. Grammar and spelling errors will cost .25

points each. This test is worth 50 points of the total 450 for the


It is imperative that you use critical and objective thinking in your responses. This is a Sociology class. That means you have to think outside the box, and look at issues from all angles. Writing an answer based on what you have heard from others, or have seen on Facebook memes, or in Wikipedia is NOT ENOUGH. Use your sociological imagination combined with socially scientific facts for all responses.

Cite any outside sources (to include the textbook) in APA format.

1.What is the difference between a social movement and collective behavior? Explain both thoroughly using at least one example for each.

2. What theory from your textbook best explains the unprecedented presidential election results this year? Use that theory to explain how Trump was able to pull off a win when he was not generally expected to do so.

3. Based on your readings, do you see how violence can be beneficial in protests and riots? Why or why not?


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