Green, Libertarian, or Socialist parties, assignment help

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Research Paper: Students are required to write a 6 – 9 page research paper. Pick a party and its candidate to write on from the following parties: the Republican, Democratic, Green, Libertarian, or Socialist parties.

The papers should cover these items: the first quarter should be a biography; the second quarter, a short history of the party; the third, the platform; and the last and most important, criticism of the candidate. Papers received fifteen minutes after the class stars will be graded down .5/25; up to one day late, 1/25; two to three days late, 1.5/25; over three days late 2/25; eight or more days late, 3/25. Use MLA style, as many books and scholarly articles as possible, and write in the third person. The paper is due Tuesday of week eight, February 21st, at the beginning of class.

A-/A papers will evidence the following:

  1. Accurate and current information, including references to recent articles from semi-scholarly journals (no use of encyclopedias like Britannia, Info Please, Wikipedia, Presidential Biography, etc; no histories from White House, Miller Center, Presidential Library or party websites [although the platform section can be]).
  2. Semi-scholarly (Time, U.S. News, Newsweek, Atlantic Monthly) and scholarly (Foreign Affairs) research evidenced throughout the paper with at least 3 MLA cites per page (do not use footnotes or endnotes), quote infrequently so that your voice comes through: a maximum of one quote sentence every other paragraph, and a short block quote every other page, except for the criticism section in which you may quote sentences frequently.
  3. Clarity and organization, providing a title page, an introduction with a thesis, a developed body (double spaced with one inch margins), a conclusion, MLA style citations, and a Bibliography or Works Cited page.
  4. Proper use of grammar and devoid of spelling errors.
  5. Providing a clean, nice looking, readable final paper.
  6. One (1) inch margins, doubled spaced, as well as headings.

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