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Read the four articles and answer each question with one short paragraph by your own words.

  1. Maney (2016) often mentions the misrepresentation of research on sex differences in media coverage. Choose one of the “three fallacies of sex differences” and explain it in your own words. What is one way Maney suggests we change how we communicate research findings in order to combat the fallacy you’ve chosen?
  2. List (no need to explain) 2-3 behaviors, physical attributes, or traits that Gettler et al. (2011) review as being associated with high levels of testosterone, in general. Given what you have listed, why might low testosterone be favorable for new fathers?
  3. In the Hensel et al. (2012) study, what is “reactivity” and what did the researchers find regarding it?
  4. Poor and low-income women account for a disproportionate amount of abortions. According to Jones, Frohwirth, & Moore (2013), what other things are poor women more likely to do or experience?

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