respond to the posts of 3 other classmates with peer review.

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I added 3 papers to respond to.

respond to the posts of 3 other classmates with peer review. Here is what you will need to strive for in your peer review this week:

  1. Do you see a clear relationship in the essay between cause and effect?
  2. How persuasive is the author, and why?
  3. Are there any places where you would consider revising words for clarity?

I’m having some issues finding sources within the library for my last paragraph so I might need to change it up, but this is what I have so far. I would really like comments as I am not sure if I organized enough or if it makes sense. I’m honestly struggling with this one.

Chang Su

Professor Shields

English 101 B006

February 8, 2017

To Save a Life

Killing somebody can be a burden on anybody. The loss of a life, even if it’s on accident, can be devastating on all parties involved. The person who unknowingly did it and then of course the family of the person who had died. Being an aircraft maintainer, it is very easy to accidently mess up a repair and doing so can cause the flight crew their lives. There are technical manuals for everything when it comes to repairs, inspections, and even replacements. The maintainer must make sure they follow the technical manual exactly or it can cause failure of a safe flight, irrevocable damage to the aircraft, and even jail time for severe enough cases. It is always a good idea to check and double check the work being done before signing off on it.

The first thing that should be covered is probably ranked as the most important reason for proper aircraft maintenance. It is the aircraft maintainer’s job to make sure the aircraft is safe for flight. In order to properly create a safe flight for the crew members, the maintainer must read the technical manual provided to them for the task at hand. If they do not, then the maintainer could miss a vital step in the repair task and once they sign off on the work the flight crew will run a maintenance test flight. During this flight, if for example, the engines, are not properly repaired it could lead to loss of power or total engine failure. This in turn leads to the aircraft having to make a “hard landing” which means in normal terms, the aircraft crashed as it landed. Now not all crashes end in a flaming ball of fire, but each hard landing does account for many injuries among flight crews and even deaths. Sheet metal is surprisingly easily ripped off during a crash and large components on the aircraft are not made to withstand a forceful landing. This leads to shrapnel flying around and hitting or impaling crew members. Death is very hard for everybody and per the video “Grief in the Family”, from the Alexander Street search engine, children can often feel it the hardest. There is a loss of connection in the home between the widowed spouse and the children left after the death has occurred. It is also affects them physically and can even lead into sickness. The family may never get over it and it can lead into social and psychological problems as the children get older. This is just one example about what happens when a person causes the death of a loved one just by something as simple as not reading the proper steps in the technical manual.

The second most important reason for reading the technical manuals is to keep the integrity of the aircraft. By following the steps in the technical manuals, it can eliminate the risks of causing further damage. There are many examples and cases where aircraft maintainers have damaged the aircraft even more and in some worse cases, even condemned the aircraft. Once case alone caused an entire aircraft to be condemned and the maintainer who completed the task was then put on suspension before being chaptered out of the Army. This happens when the steps are now followed correctly and a part is either torqued too tight and a bolt can get snapped off. Not only does this continue to push back the bird being finished, but it can also create hardship on the maintainer. By damaging an aircraft due to not reading the technical manuals during a repair it can lead to suspension, having to pay for the part out of the maintainer’s own pocket, or even in some cases it has led to people being fired. From a military stand point, there needs to be several aircraft fully FMC ready, as per Army Regulation 750-1. FMC means full mission capable. This cannot happen when more damage is being done to the aircraft while it should have been getting fixed.

As it was mentioned previously, there was a case where a soldier was chaptered for improper maintenance that led to more damage being done to the aircraft. Another effect of not completing maintenance by the book, is legal punishment. Depending on the company and how severe the case may be, the punishment can range from extra duty, if the maintainer is military, to being fired for civilian workers, and in both cases if it is found severe enough, even jail time.

Robert A. Schreur

Professor Joel Shields

English 101 B006

20 February 2017

More Guns Equals Less Crime

Many politicians and lawmakers have attempted to curb crime and violence by placing restrictions on citizens owning and carrying firearms. Many cities and states in America have enacted gun control measures to some degree or another. Several countries have banned guns entirely and they all render the same results. More guns equals less crime, and less guns equals more crime. The liberal politicians and their brainwashed followers fail to interpret the facts even when they are staring them right in the face. The facts and the truth will be laid out in this writing in an effort to show the cause and effect of guns and how they relate to crime.

Chicago is often referred to as the gun control capital of the nation. The shining light for the rest of the country to follow. Their progressive and forward mindset was spearheading a path towards a utopian society. In 1982 Chicago instituted a ban on handguns. (“Gun Control Facts”) In the wake of Chicago’s ban, several surrounding suburbs enacted similar bans on handguns. (“Gun Control Facts”) In 2010, the U.S. supreme court ruled that Chicago’s ban was unconstitutional. From 1982 until 2010 Chicago was, by law, a handgun free city. These laws goal was to reduce crime and violence. This did not happen, instead murder rate with handguns increased during that time. From as far back as the data was available (1965) until the handgun ban was in place (1982) 48% of all murders in Chicago were committed with a handgun. (“Gun Control Facts”) During the ban (1982 – 2010) 59% of all murders in Chicago were committed with a handgun. (“Gun Control Facts”) The handgun ban was in effect for a total of 28 years. This gave the residents plenty of time to turn over their handguns and the police enough time to confiscate any remaining handguns. The handgun ban of Chicago backfired and resulted in a 11% increase in handgun murders. Another example of this is the similar handgun ban that Washington D.C. enacted around the same time as Chicago did.

In 1976, Washington D.C. passed a law that banned residents from possessing handguns and required that all firearms in private homes be kept unloaded, and locked up. (“Gun Control Facts”) This was yet another failed attempt to curb gun violence, and reduce violence. The liberals miss a key concept when implementing these bans. They think that if nobody has guns then nobody will feel the need to commit crimes. There are two problems with this idea. First, some people are inherently bad, and commit crimes with or without guns. Additionally, they fail to realize that when they ask everyone to turn in their guns only the law abiding citizens will follow this law. So now there is a group of people in which bad guys are armed to the teeth and good guys without any means to protect themselves. Gun control renders the same results time after time. In this particular situation in Washington D.C. handguns were prohibited from 1976 until 2008, when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the law, stating that it was unconstitutional. During the 32 years that the ban was in effect the murder rate almost tripled. (“Gun Control Facts”) In 1976, the murder rate was 28 per 100,000 people, by 1991 it was 81 per 100,000 people. (“Gun Control Facts”) The evidence of less guns equals more crime could not be more clear. How does this concept apply to the large scale? Britain and Australia are two prime examples of this.

The liberals are not just making efforts to totally remove firearms from cities in America. Britain and Australia have completely banned guns in recent years. In 1968, Britain passed a law that required citizens to apply for a permit to obtain a shotgun. They had already had this same law in place for all other types of firearms since 1920. (“Gun Control Facts”) In 1997, Britain passed a law that banned all firearms, and required all citizens still in possession of any to surrender them to the police. (“Gun Control Facts”) Since the 1968 gun control measure went into effect and even over 10 years since the complete ban of firearms Britain has seen a steady rise in murder. (“Gun Control Facts”) It’s also worth noting that the homicide rate where a gun was not involved was also higher than average. (“Gun Control Facts”) In 1995, Australia enacted a sweeping gun ban, following a mass shooting that killed 35 people. (Owens) This ban in particularly interesting because the argument cannot be made that firearms were imported illegally across the borders since Australia is also a continent and surrounded by waters. Granted some could have been brought it from illegal ships, but that would be a very small number. However, following the ban their own governments data showed that murder, rape, armed, and unarmed robbery stayed about the same, and even a spike in years after the ban. (Owens) Meanwhile, in America citizens were buying firearms at a record rate and were seeing a decrease in crime overall. The statement stands true yet again, and on a large scale. More guns equals less crime.

The liberals cannot ever see the big picture. They always want instant results without actually looking at the problem from both angles. Some have even suggested that the liberals and gun grabbers have used mass shootings and school shooting to further an agenda of taking away the constitutionally protected rights of this citizens of the United States. It can’t be both ways. Either they are too incompetent to see the facts, or have evil intentions. Even, Adolf Hitler was a major proponent of gun control. During his rise to power he disarmed his country cited that it was “for the children”. Another great point to make is that there has never been a mass shooting at gun shows. There are guns literally everywhere and people everywhere. Large crowds, with vast amounts of firearms of all different types and yet nobody has ever shot one up. The final point is that in America the majority of the mass shooting take place in so called “gun free zone” schools, theatres, ect. Evil people target these places, because they know that nobody will be able to defend themselves and fight back. America has seen a massive pushback against the liberals and their gun control agenda. Many Americans have drawn the line in the sand and have chosen to take a stand against the gun grabbers. Whether the idea is applied to cities, states, or entire continents More Guns Equals Less Crime, and Less Guns Equals More Crime.

Robert A. Pritt

Professor Joel Shields

English 101 B006

21 February 2017

The Causes and Effects of Abusive Family Relationships

Abuse in family relationships is an issue that occurs far too often in America today. Former United States Surgeon General Charles Everett Koop stated, “Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women from the age of 15 to the age of 44.” As a topic, abusive relationships can be somewhat of a complicated issue. There are a variety of factors that can contribute to the causing of an abusive relationship, but the main causes are extremely simple compared to what most people may assume. The main cause of an abusive family relationship can stem from one simple factor and an abusive relationship can have somewhat of a rippling effect, resulting in a countless amount of negative effects.

It is common for people to assume that abusive relationships are caused mainly by drug use, drinking, stress, or the result of someone having grown up with an abusive childhood. These factors may be acute contributors in some cases, but it is sometimes forgotten that almost always in an abusive relationship, one of the members of the relationship is the perpetrator or the main causer of the abusive relationship. Essentially, the reason behind why abusive family relationships occur in the first place can be narrowed down to one word; control (Campbell, et al n.p.). The fact of the matter is that abusive relationships are caused whenever someone in a relationship feels that they must assert their power and have control over their partner.

After an abusive family relationship has started and been established, there are countless consequences that it can have not just on the couple involved in the relationship, but also the family and children of the couple. It is common to think that physical abuse is one of the main results of an abusive relationship but the fact is the effects of an abusive relationship do not stop there. Physical violence is one effect of an abusive relationship that is disturbingly common and it is often the first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking of the victims effected. (Emery and Laumann-Billings 122). It is equally disturbing to note that women and children are the main victims of physical abuse in an abusive family relationship due to their vulnerability.

Abusive relationships have far more effects than just physical abuse. Mental abuse is another effect of abusive family relationships. The other most common effect that victims experience from an abusive relationship is some type of mental abuse. This is experienced in both women and children, but it is often the children who show the signs of physiological trauma. Mental abuse includes depression, a loss of self-worth, feeling inadequate, feeling socially isolated and any other negative mental effects that are commonly displayed as a result of abusive relationships (Emery and Laumann-Billings 125).

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