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This week as you are out and about, observe parents and caregivers interacting with their infants and toddlers. Make sure to have read the chapter and lectures first so that you will know what to look for.

Listen for:

2 interactions that could promote either trust or autonomy (which one you choose will depend on the age of the child)

2 interactions that could lead to mistrust or shame & doubt (which you choose will depend on the age of the child)

Remember you will be reporting the caregiver’s behavior not the child’s

What to post on the discussion board:

For each of the four observations you will describe what you saw and give a brief (one sentence) explanation of why you feel it is an good example of the concept.


Observed: After putting the little girl in the baby swing, the teacher tries to buckle her but the child became upset and said “NO! Me do it” Teacher said “All right, you do it, tell me when you’re ready and stood near with an encouraging look on her face. The child struggled for some time but eventually clicked the two buckles together and exclaimed “ready!” and the teacher said “you did it!” okay let’s swing now.

Connection: Allowing a child to try and having enough patience to give the child enough time to succeed can promote autonomy.

:::::: I need 4 in total interactions and short like the sample.

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