5 page paper on women in police force

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5 page MLA formatted paper: are women in the criminal justice system treated differently than men? please discuss all issues women in the criminal justice field face. maybe touch upon; training, finding a job, maintaining that job, are they seen as equals to to men? do people take women officers as seriously as men? YOU MUST USE THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT FOR SOME INFORMATION (and any others you find)

  • Construct an introduction. this could be two paragraphs long. Start with a grabber sentence and end with your thesis, just as you did with the analytic paper, but avoid mentioning any authors at this point. Does your introduction present the topic in a clear manner and does it move from a good first sentence to the final sentence, the thesis? How can you more effectively write the introduction so that it introduces the topic but does not present the whole story?
  • At some point you need to put your research project in its historic moment and/or explain the background of the topic. Depending upon your topic, you may want a paragraph or two about the history of your topic/issue soon after the introduction. Sometimes, the history of the topic/issue can appear throughout the paper. An explanation of the background of your topic is necessary for the reader to understand the subsequent argument, but this part of the paper should not be the main focus—perhaps a page and half to two pages.
  • Now start to develop your underlying argument, the proof of your initial thesis statement. What are your claims to advance the thesis? What are the reasons that you think what you think about the topic? (Use quotations, cited properly using MLA format.) Repeat until you have introduced all parts of the argument you have found to this point. Introduce all the cases/evidence/examples/data you have at this point and explain how they support or refute your thesis. At this point you might also have a paragraph that addresses another side to the issue.
  • Now look at the topic sentence for each body paragraph. Do you have a topic sentence? Does the topic sentence state the claim made in the paragraph and connect back to the thesis?

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