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Write a 300- to 400-word persuasive email in a Microsoft® Word document to a manager or supervisor requesting a change to the workplace. You may select from one of the following possible topics:

  • Requesting a workplace modification or resource
  • Advocating a change in direction on a project
  • Requesting a promotion
  • Recommending specific workplace changes to reduce waste or save money
  • Requesting the addition of a new worker

Please choose any topic you would like to.

Use the ARGU method as detailed in Workplace Writing and be mindful of the need to maintain an appropriate balance between ethos, pathos, and logos.

Write a 200- to -300-word explanation of the elements in your email. Detail how specifically the ARGU elements are used, where ethos, pathos, and logos are used, and why it is appropriate to use each there.

Format the email in business format as detailed in the text and include all the appropriate parts of an email that communicates upward.

Refer to Ch. 9 and 13 of Workplace Writing for suggestions on how to write an effective, persuasive email. Chapter 9:… and Chapter 13:…

Use only the Gerson and Gerson text as the foundation for this assignment (do not do outside research).

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