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For this research paper, students are to explain how a specific chapter(chapter 17- All the pages from this chapter is attached for you) in Pierre Manent’s book, A World Beyond Politics?, can help us better understand an issue taken from current affairs. They must also demonstrate how P. Manent’s reading of the problem is limited by explaining how another author examines the same issue in a different light. By way of conclusion, students should explain which of the two readings of the issue they find the most convincing and why. Students are free to choose the issue in current affairs, the chapter from P. Manent’s book, and the alternative author. In terms of Internet research, students are allowed to cite scholarly and reputable sources only. All of the other rules stated in the POLS 1000A Fall Term course outline apply.

This assignment is broken down into two steps:

1) Proposal: a 250 word research paper proposal that includes a) a brief identification and explanation of the issue taken from current affairs, b) the chapter from P. Manent’s book, c) some possible alternative readings of the issue (more than one would be good) and the reason why you think they contrast well with Manent’s perspective, and d) a working bibliography (3-5 titles). The Prof will evaluate and offer council on the proposal. Note that I have already completed this part of the assignment and it is attached for you as a reference because the research should be based on this proposal (using chapter 17 of Manent’s book). All the pages from this chapter will be attached for you to use in the research.

2)Research: a 2000 word double-spaced (8 pages) research paper. This is the section I need to complete now based on part 1 (the proposal)

Guidelines for the Research Paper:

Your introduction should:

Briefly present the issue, the selected chapter from P. Manent’s book(chapter 17-attached), the other source and the current issue chosen (250 words).

Your development should:

i) Frame (explain), as precisely as possible, the issue taken from current affairs (250 words).

ii) Explain how the chapter taken from P. Manent’s book sheds light on the problem or not (500-750 words).

iii) Present the alternative reading of the issue (500-750 words).

Your conclusion should:

Explain which of the two positions is the more convincing (i.e. explain better the issue) and why (250 words).


Your paper must be typed, double-spaced, and contain 2000 words (+/- 100 words), not including the title page and the bibliography. Please include your tutorial section on your title page.

The Zero Tolerance Policy regarding plagiarism and academic fraud will be applied.

Referencing style is APA.


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