Select a topic/event/person/group of people from Unit 2

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1. Select a topic/event/person/group of people from Unit 2 on the textbook. Select topic/event/person/group of people which you found interesting and want to learn more about. Identify the specific information you want to learn about.

2. Research that information. You must have 2 sources and they must be reliable. For each source, the author(s) must be identified. The source can be primary (from the time period) or secondary. You cannot discuss a source I gave you in Canvas. You must find your own. If primary, the author must be reporting from his or her first-hand experience. If secondary, the author must have educational or other background/expertise in the subject and be objective and neutral (not biased for or against the subject); and the source must have been created or updated within the last 10 years, and must appear professional in appearance.

3. Share the results of your research in a discussion post/essay.

The first paragraph should explain in your own words what the textbook says about the topic and then what specific information you wanted to learn. Then present what you learned, including the sources and their reliability. One paragraph on each source’s reliability. The rest of the essay is on what information you found.

500-600 words, not including quotations, paraphrases, your name, the date, or information about the course. Explain everything, including all quotations, in your own words to effectively communicate to your classmates. Use MLA format, proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and paragraphs.

The topic that you will write is based on the UNIT 2 of the BOOK:

James L. Roark, et al. Understanding the American Promise: A Brief History. Second edition. Volume I to 1877. Bedford/St. Martin’s.

Please make sure you have a copy of this specific book so you will know who to write about. Unit 2 is from Chapter 6-11. Once you identify the Unit 2 of the book, select a topic/event/person/group of people from Unit 2 to write about

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