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Give a short answer to each question.

1. If i is an integer and p and q are pointers to integers, which of the following assignments cause a compilation error?

a. p = &i;

b. i = *&p;

c. q = **&p;

2. Identify the errors:

char* f(char *s)


char ch = ‘A’;

return &ch;


3. Using pointers only, implement the following string functions: a. strlen()

4. Explain the meaning of the following expressions:

a. f(n) is O(1).

b. f(n) is Θ(1).

5. How many nodes does the shortest linked list have? The longest linked list?

6. The linked list in Figure 3.1l was created in Section 3.2 with three assignments. Create this list with only one assignment.

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