discuss the evolution of the topic of complex organizations over the years Final Paper help

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Read Carefully before answering questions below. Assignment must be done exactly by following all directions.

Your final assessment paper should address all four of the questions on this page; in addressing the questions please use at least THREE outside scholarly sources (in addition to the textbook material). The book reading is Organizational Communication and Leadership 4th edition By: Edgar Schein can be retrieved through the provided link below. 

Access book here: http://www.ehs-club.com/Files/linli_mary/file/20150211/20150211124427_6412.pdf

***The body of your paper, not including a title page and any reference/citation pages, should be between 2,000 and 2,500 words. With a typical font and spacing, this will be approximately 8 to 10 pages.***


Your paper should fulfill all of the following requirements:

  1. Taking a historical viewpoint, discuss the evolution of  the topic of complex organizations over the years. That is, how has our thinking about complex organizations evolved and changed over time?

  2. Then, consider the theories of organizations you have covered i this course (such as human relations, structuration, systems theory, critical theory, and more). Which of these do you think is the most valuable for understanding organizations today? Justify your response by clearly defining the theoretical perspective you have chosen.

  3. Next,  provide at least two pertinent organizational behavior examples that demonstrate the value and appropriateness of the Human Relations Theory. (For example, for Human Relations Theory, you may want to discuss examples of organizations that have been particularly hegemonic in that behavior.)

  4. Finally, offer a detailed reflective commentary on how complex organizations may change going forward. For example, do you believe organizations will become more humane? Will they adopt more of a complex learning strategy? Could you envision a future where organizations become more authoritarian? The future you describe is up to you, but be sure to ground your commentary in relevant scholarly material.

Your paper should conform to  APA style in terms of text citations, references, and a references list. It should display a clear style and proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It should discuss course concepts accurately and effectively.


Adequate amount of references must be provided. Clearly label all parts of your project. Provide a table of contents with pages identified
. Specific reference pages and citations MUST BE CLEAR.

Cite properly, this is very important, references will be checked. In addition, No plagiarism as this will be checked by TURNITIN.

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