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Peer reviews should be concise (1-2 pages, double spaced, 11-point font) but with specific comments.Please use the following format (your possible points are in parenthesis)


You should start off by giving the title and subject of the author’s paper.Then write 2 to three sentences about the structure of the paper- what were the main topics that were addressed?

Positive comments:

In the second paragraph, write what you liked about the paper AND WHY.Perhaps it was a unique subject, or they had an interesting perspective, or showed some great graphs.Mention anything that stands out to you.Try to find at least find 2-3 things you liked about the paper.

suggestions for improvements:

In the third paragraph, you must find ways to improve your classmate’s paper through at least 3 specific suggestions.Every rough draft will have room for improvement.I usually focus on two things in my peer reviews-

  • The quality of the writing– clarity, grammar, spelling, etc.It should be the goal of every academic article to be written as clearly as possible to communicate ideas effectively.It is not your responsibility to fix their writing, but if it needs to be improved you need to indicate that and use an example or two so they know what you’re talking about.This includes proper citations, grammar, spelling, and general appearance.
  • The content of the paper– did the author forget to address something important?Did they make some mistake in their logic?Could a graph help illustrate something they were talking about?Do you know some interesting fact or dataset that could help them out?Try to think of anything that can help your classmate improve their paper.

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