response paper 70

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1000 words

Book on chegg ( there is only one book )

Account for chegg

Password :Ali1993

the response should cover the article , the book chapter and the documentary

the book in on chegg the article is in the attachment , there are two rubrics please check them

the documentary


Read Chapter Seven of the du Pre textbook along with Sullivan & Baglia’s “A Couple Manages the

Uncertainties of Dementia and Decline,” and David Liban’s documentary Mortal Lessons.

2) Consider the concepts described in the chapter, particularly palliative care, hospice, coping, problem

solving/emotional adjustment, action-facilitating/nurturing support or whatever concepts from the chapter

you think are most interesting/relevant to your reading of the text(s).

3) You must draw references from du Pre and either the article and film (or both). Cite appropriately.

4) How do the articles demonstrate any of the concepts in du Pré or do you find a deviation from how they are


a. Consider some of the themes brought up through class discussion or from your own experiences.

b. Compare and contrast the way textbook author du Pré describes the social support and/or death

and dying and the way Sullivan & Baglia and Liban portray these concepts.

5) If you can think of an analogy from popular culture (such as film or television) or from your personal

observations that connect to this concept, please include a brief reference.

6) Be sure to provide your personal commentary in this paper. Do not simply summarize.

7) Give your paper a creative title.

8) Organization counts – even in a brief paper, there should be some structure that guides the reader through

your thinking: attention-getter, preview, transitions between paragraphs, a brief (1-2 sentence) summary


9) Grammar and spelling count – you might choose a very interesting focus, but if I struggle through reading

your description, you won’t receive a very strong grade. So be sure to proofread your paper or, even better,

have someone else read it for clarity.

10) Be sure to fulfill the word count parameter of 750-1000 words (approximately 2-3 doublespaced pages).

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