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Prepare an integrated set of communication plans that describe how project progress will be communicated to stakeholders (for example, project planning team members, executives, staff, patients, et cetera), based on impact and involvement for each type of stakeholder. There is no page limit for this assessment.

Questions to Consider:

  • How do you keep minutes of team meetings? Are they posted in Google Docs or some other intranet location, or are they disseminated to team members and others?
  • Does everyone have appropriate access to the project management tool, such as Microsoft Project?
  • Who can add to the plan? Is there a designated person who can make changes, while everyone else has read-only rights?
  • How, and how often, will you communicate with the executive team and other stakeholders?
  • What are examples of external stakeholders (vendors, community members, et cetera) who might also have an interest in the project?

There are two parts to this assessment.

Preparation: Develop Project Communication Plan

The bulk of the new work for this final assessment is the development of a project communications plan that describes how project progress will be communicated to stakeholders (for example, project planning team members, executives, staff, patients, et cetera), based on impact and involvement for each type of stakeholder.

A project communications plan must:

  • Identify the project stakeholders and determine which documentation each stakeholder will receive.
  • Analyze best practices for communicating project data and information.
  • Assess the importance of communicating project progress to stakeholders.
  • Determine how and when project progress will be communicated to stakeholders.

Use the Project Communications Plan Template, linked in Required Resources.

Refine and Complete Project Management Plan

Once you have finished your plan, you must refine your previous assessment artifacts using feedback you received from the faculty and your peers to demonstrate your ability to recognize and incorporate input from other team members.


The real-world audience for this comprehensive project management plan is senior leadership. Keep in mind that top executives rely on executive summaries for decision making. They will turn to the fine details when they have questions or want more information.

Refinement, in this case, includes demonstrating that you can clearly and concisely summarize the key points from each section in the form of an executive summary. Incorporate feedback from your colleagues (in this case it will be faculty) throughout the final document.

Use the Project Management Plan Template to structure your assessment. Your final deliverable should be a document that you can present to senior leadership, consisting of the following:

  • Table of Contents.
  • Introduction – Executive Summary.
  • Project Charter.
  • Project Scope.
  • Procurement Plan.
  • Baseline Management/Staff Plan.
  • Risk Assessment/Quality Plan.
  • Project Communication Plan.
  • Addendums.
  • Reference list.

Refine the elements to ensure that each section of your plan flows smoothly from one topic to the next.

Important: Take the feedback from faculty for your previous assessments and incorporate the relevant feedback into your final document. You must cite peer feedback using appropriate APA style and format.


Project Communication Plans

Review the following:

Project Management Plans

Review the following:

Project Communication Best Practices

Review the following:

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