social media group project writing evaluation

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You are all employees at LLD Marketing, Inc., which is a consulting company that evaluates the marketing effectiveness of clients’ social media activities/websites. Over the last several years, more companies have begun to use social media as part of their overall communication and marketing strategies, and we have been asked to investigate how successful these companies have been, what the current trends are, how companies have changed the way they do business, and what the future looks like in the context of social media use.


1. Investigate how businesses and organizations are using social media to enhance communications and business interactions within companies (employee communications) and externally with partners, vendors, customers, and the community. Social media includes Web 2.0 technologies such as blogging, messaging tools such as Twitter, IM, texting, podcasts, and other interactive communication technologies such as wikis, Linked-In, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc. Social media also includes mobile applications for smartphones and tablets.

2. Investigate several companies within an industry:

* How are these companies using social media technologies? Find specific examples & details.

* How are they being implemented? Is there a strategy?

* What are their objectives? (You may have to figure this out yourselves.)

* Are they successful? (based on your opinion, various industry/professional articles, Alexa)

* What results have they seen that can specifically be tied to social media? Increased revenue?

Reduced expense? Increased customer satisfaction &/or appeal?

* What improvements could they make?

Sources of information :company websites, social media sites; online articles, and Alexa (free

analytics on website traffic, rankings, etc.):


Each group member will write the evaluation for one of the chosen companies, ranging from 750 – 800 words. Each evaluation will include the following:

1. Brief background of the company (very brief!)

2. Evaluation of at least three functions (global presence/cultural accommodation is

required as one of the three functions) such as:

Global presence and cultural accommodation (required for all reports)


▪Customer Service and Support

▪Public Relations


▪Product Communities

▪Community and Outreach Services

▪Other – may be specific to the industry, such as non-profit organizations

3. For each of the 3 functions, describe how social media are being used, what technologies are being utilized, how the business processes work, and how effective they are. Give detailed examples to support your opinion. You will need to determine a set of criteria to “grade” each function on. This will require you to look at the company online and determine which company is best in each function.

4. Overall impressions; recommendations for improvement

5. Rating and ranking of each company by function (see general scale below), and overall rating – Writers will need to give a “grade” to each function and determine the overall grade for their company. They will also need to give their reasons for the grades, what was done well, what needed improvement.

Ranking Scale of 1 to 5 : 5=excellent 4=good 3=adequate 2=needs improvement 1=not present or very weak


1. The report will be in business report format, single-spaced, Times New Roman font, 12 pt., with appropriate headings, following APA format only for in-text citations and reference list. All individual reports must be formatted the same, following these guidelines.

2. Use of “we” : Although an individual contributor would be composing only his/her section of the report, please use “we/us” language instead of “I/me,” e.g. We think that this company has utilized social media the most effectively because …

3. Graphics: The company report should have two graphic charts which will give a pictorial view of the evaluation conclusions. These charts should be consistent through each of the company reports.

The company industry will be between Hyundai and Audi. Please let me know which company you will be working on.

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