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These papers should be easy, you will have to make up things or situations. There is no research needed, so it should not take that long:

5- Gratitude Journal #3: Good Finder for a Day – Find good things everywhere today and in everybody. Find something good and tell that person what you found. Then, type about it in a one page or longer journal entry. One or two people will do for this one as well as one or two situations. Example – you may like someone’s smile and am grateful for sunny day, etc…

6- Gratitude Journal #4: Gift From the Heart This one will be announced in class early so you can get started on it as it will take a little more time. Select someone very special for this one. Then, get a separate journal from a store. Note – the Dollar Store also sells them. Then, create sections – if you choose to do so. Sections may include what you like most about that person, your favorite childhood or other memories, what you have learned from this person, etc… This gift is often created to present to a parent, grandparent, significant other, best friend, best relative, etc… This is all handwritten and from the heart. Write whatever you want about why this person is so special to you and how much you cherish them. When completed, gift to recipient and watch their reaction. This type of gift is better than any gift money can buy because it is from the heart. Then, type about it in your journal notebook to tell whom you gave it to, why you selected that person, how they reacted to it, and how you felt afterwards. This one is handwritten for the actual notebook you give to someone but the part you put in the journal for class is typed.( I chose to give to my mother)

7. Gratitude Journal #7: Smile Giveaway for a Day – Today, give your smile to everyone –both people you know as well as those you don’t know. Everyone means everyone. Do not tell them that you are doing this for an assignment.Then, type a one page or longer entry telling about this experience and how you felt about it

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