prompts answer these questions must be your own words and thoughts

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Please answer the two questions from your own thoughts and experience :

Q1) What do you think are the most critical design elements in designing engaging EDUCATIONAL digital games?

Q2) What are your motivations for playing games or studying games/ed tech?

Here are-examples for the answer IT IS JUST AN EXAMPLE

Example for answer Q 1

The plot or the story is what engages gamers. The plot twists, the element of surprise, the hidden clues are all important parts of the story. Trying to fit educational objectives into a fun engaging game is difficult. The idea is creating a game that speaks to the learners as well as playful gamers. Making games more individualized is also important. Another essential designing element is the social aspect. Gamers learn from each other, so having a game that has a strong social component present an excellent learning opportunity. They can discuss clues, trade ideas, find ways to beat the monster and so on.

Example for answer Q 2

I think games are a way to escape reality, They provide a way for gamers to immerse themselves in fantasy. They can be a way for them to learn about other cultures, other worlds, and they can become someone else. The idea of playing a game is relaxing to some people while others it can be a true hobby or even a profession.

My brother goes to soccer PS4 game tournaments in Kuwait and they can win up to 5000 dollars for winning a soccer tournament.

RIght not I am playing resident evil with my husband when I have some free time. It is too much blood for me but I usually help him solve the puzzles and clues.

As for the educational aspect. I said this before. Game teach skills but aligning them with content objectives is still tough.

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