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After reading Chapter 5 in Bloom(in the file) and the readings from “Reading Packet C” (in the file),

write an essay about a place or places (4 pages). You may write about any

place you have been, lived, known, traveled to, or grown up. It can be as small as a room and as

large as a city or state. As you should notice from the readings in the packet, writing about a

place doesn’t just mean describing a town or neighborhood; writing about place means caring

about place, about the significance of our environments and how our identities and lives are

shaped by and shape the places we inhabit. This will be your peer workshop draft.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When writing about place, keep in mind that this needs to go well beyond

describing a place. What a place looks like only will get you so far. It’s important to think about

the meaning of a place, its importance to you or to people, its relevance to the economy or the

environment. As you read the samples, pay attention to the way these writers find meaning in

the places they write about and the ways they work to make those places relevant to their

readers as well. Liking a place is a good start; figuring out WHY you like it and what it has to do

with you as a person (or with identity, humanity, social structures, cultures, etc.) will make it

interesting and worth writing about.

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