personality test reaction paper

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Typed/word processed. Margins 1” from left and right side, top and bottom. Right-

justified. Use 10-12 pt. font. Double-spaced, printed on one side of the page only, and no

illustrations. 750-800 words. Introduction, discussion of scores from each of the five factors,


Subject matter:

You have taken the IPIP-NEO on line, and you have scores for each of the five

factors and several “facets” of each of those factors. Discuss your scores on each of the five

factors. Give examples from your life that “illustrate” your scores. The kinds of questions you

might pose for yourself and “answer” in this paper include, but are not limited to: Do you feel

the results accurately reflect you? Do you learn anything new, and if so, what? Are any of your

“facet” scores out of line with your overall score on the factor? If so, why do you think that

might be? In terms of facets, what scores do you think reflect your personal

strengths/weaknesses? Is there anything reflected in your scores that you might want to change,

and if so, how do you think you might go about doing that? Do you think any of the scores

reflect changes that you have


made? In at least one place in your paper, compare

yourself with a friend/acquaintance who you believe is very different from you in at least one

factor or facet.

No Plagiarism.

Since this is a discussion paper about your own scores from a personality

inventory, you might think that no one would ever copy someone else’s work. WRONG!!! It’s

been done. Make sure all your work is your own. In the past, I have seen paragraphs lifted from

other students’ papers with some changes. I have also seen papers that are, paragraph-for-

paragraph, structured exactly the same. Don’t do that, either.


Besides sticking to the subject matter and turning in the print-outs from the on-line

personality test, refer to the rubric below. Although some point totals will be adjusted, all

aspects of the assignment and rubric will contribute to your grade approximately evenly.

Besides self-exploration, the purpose of this paper is to practice clear expression through writing.

Psy 304 Paper 1: Personality tests and defense mechanisms.. Rubric.

5 = no noticeable mistakes

4 = occasional mistakes

3 = consistent mistakes that can be fixed with some attention

2 = consistent mistakes that really take away from the overall strength of the paper. Needs

serious attention.

1 = Start over!

WORDS: 20%

Spelling. (No “internet” or “text-message” abbreviations.)

Correct word – based on the context, the word chosen conveys the intended meaning .

Correct tense of verbs; object-action agreement.

Clear referents for pronouns.


Full thoughts; lack of sentence fragments.

“Economy of Expression” (don’t use more words than you need to convey the thought).


Proper punctuation.

Correct capitalization

No sentence more than 4 lines long.


Strong lead sentence (don’t make the last sentence of the paragraph the “lead sentence.”)

Material in the paragraph supports the lead sentence.

Material in the paragraphs doesn’t really “call for” another paragraph.

No paragraph longer than about ½ page.


Introduction and conclusion match the content of the paper.

Writer fulfills the intent of the assignment.

Writing is clear and understandable.

Good use of illustrations to illuminate the point(s) being made.


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