Psychological Disorders Bipolar 1 Disorder FINAL Project help

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For this project, you will create a Power Point on one of psychological disorders from this list:

  • BiPolar I Disorder

 Keep these points in mind:

  1. Your presentation should address the major areas below; since you are not talking through your presentation, your slides should be more dense in words.
  2. Bullet points work much better than paragraphs; so try to avoid paragraphs and use bulleted points instead. 
  3. You will need to do research above and beyond what is in the textbook.
  4. All work must be in your own words. Power Points that have cut and pasted information may earn a zero based on extent of plagiarism and may be reported to the Dean’s office as an integrity violation.  (NOTE: The ONLY exception is that the Diagnostic Criteria should be exactly as listed in the DSM-5 – which you will get from CCP’s library web page via My CCP).
  5. Pictures and other visuals do add a nice touch to your presentations so feel free to include.

Here are the sections your slides should have (Please label your slides with these section titles): 

  • Causes (2-3 slides): Discuss what the research says are the several possible causes of this disorder. Don’t just list them; provide some detail summarizing what each is IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 
  • Treatment (2-3 slides): What are several treatment options for someone with this disorder? What are the various forms of therapy are used to treat this disorder? Again, don’t just list; include some explanation IN YOUR OWN WORDS.
  • Summary (1-2 slides): What are the key concepts of this disorder? Think of it this way: if you were explaining this disorder to someone not familiar with it, what would you say? This section should include any other information important about the disorder that is not addressed elsewhere.
  • Resource (1 slide): Provide at least one resource (community service agency, web site, help or hotline, etc..) that someone suffering from this disorder could contact if they needed help.  Be sure to provide the resource’s contact information, such as location, phone number, email and/or web page. Note this is different than your Reference Page.  
  • APA style reference page (1 or more): your final slide should be a list of references you used in APA style. Note this is different than a resource in the bullet point above.  You must use at least 5 different sources. Here is a handout with information about how to format your reference page.Preview the documentView in a new window  An excellent web page for APA is Purdue University’s OWL page. (Links to an external site.)

Useful Links: These are suggested links but you are welcome and encouraged to use others:

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