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due in 24 hours


Learning Activity W2

Top of Form

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General Instructions for Learning Activities   

· Read/watch all assigned materials listed for the week in the Course Content

· Cite to assigned materials in all responses in Learning Activities

· Use only assigned materials to complete Learning Activities; do not use the internet unless otherwise instructed

· Include in-text citations and a Reference List for in-text citations  

· Write in correct, complete sentences, in paragraph format unless otherwise instructed

· Submit Learning Activities to Assignment Folder

Tips for Formatting and Structuring Analysis:

· Write in complete sentences in paragraph format.

· Use in-text citations citing to relevant assignment materials.     

· Double-space; 12-point Arial or Times Roman font.

· Introductory Sentence:  Begin with an introductory sentence or very brief paragraph that states your conclusion to the questions asked.  

· Concluding Sentence:  End the discussion with a concluding sentence or a very brief paragraph that summarizes your conclusion/what you discussed.

· Support Arguments and Positions:   Please refer to the module in Content, “How to Support Arguments and Positions”. 

Background:  With some understanding of the legal system, the Viral Clean (“Clean”) owners can now shift their focus to examining specific areas of law that create potential risks and liabilities for their business.   The group knows from their business experience that companies face severe and costly risks and legal liabilities stemming from tort law. 

Unintentional harm resulting from accidents, such as negligence, can result in costly litigation.  The Clean owners are concerned about the possibility of accidents resulting in injuries to their employees that could occur during cleaning clients’ property. 

Winnie and Ralph have given you the responsibility of analyzing and summarizing potential negligence claims and liability that Clean might face in its business operations. You decide to analyze a hypothetical fact scenario to present to the Clean owners to help explain Clean’s potential negligence liability for accidents occurring on clients’ property during cleaning.  The analysis will be presented at the next meeting with Clean’s owners and TLG.  Your analysis will address only the tort of negligence. 

Background Facts You Need To Know:  Jack, a Clean employee, was assigned to clean and disinfect Client A’s office building.  Jack’s first task was to vacuum the floors in a wide hallway.  Jack plugged Clean’s commercial vacuum cleaner into the hallway outlet with an extra-long electrical cord and began vacuuming.  Before beginning vacuuming, Jack checked to ensure that the hallway was clear of obstacles and people walking.  After checking the hall, he placed the cord to the side of the hallway out of the path of his pushing the vacuum.  After vacuuming for a few minutes, Jack stepped to the side to turn the vacuum and tripped over two boxes that had been placed in the hallway by Client A’s employee since Jack began vacuuming.  Jack did not know the boxes had been placed in the hall.

Jack fell and broke his ankle and was taken to the hospital ER via ambulance.  A cast was applied after it was determined the ankle did not need surgery.  Jack missed three weeks of work because of the injury. 


Report You Need To Prepare: You must prepare a report addressed to Winnie and Ralph.  Winnie and Ralph will use the report in discussion with the Clean owners.  The report must address each of the following points:

1. Analyze whether Jack has a negligence claim against Client A.

2. Identify any potential defenses that Client A may raise in response to Jack’s negligence claim.  The analysis must explain why the defense may be raised.

3. Given the negligence claim and the potential defenses, conclude whether Jack or Client A should prevail in the lawsuit.  The facts and the law must support the conclusion.


TO:              Winnie James, Ralph Anders

FROM:         (your name)


RE:              Clean Negligence Risks and Liabilities






Rubric Name: BMGT 380 Rubric for Weekly Learning Activities – (=100%) – Spring 2022

Print Rubric

This table lists criteria and criteria group names in the first column. The first row lists level names and includes scores if the rubric uses a numeric scoring method. You can give feedback on each criterion by tabbing to the add feedback buttons in the table.Criteria


Above Standards

Meets Standards

Approaching or Does not meet Standards

Criterion Score

Learning Activity Analysis

60 points

Demonstrates critical analysis, in-depth and  comprehensive development of concepts, accurately identifies all issues and their application to facts.

Shows clear evidence of having read course materials and applying them to support conclusions.  

Range: 54 – 60%

53.9 points

Demonstrates generally superior critical analysis, relatively in-depth and comprehensive development of concepts, accurately identifies most -not all – issues and their application to facts.

Some  evidence of having read course materials and applying them to support conclusions.

Additional development and more comprehensive analysis  needed.

Range: 48 – 53.9%

47.9 points

Demonstrates some to minimal  critical analysis and insight into concepts and issues, and their application to facts.

Analysis is largely superficial in one/more areas and sufficient only to meet minimum requirements of learning activity with little evidence of  insight and/or support for conclusions.  

Range: 42 – 47.9%

41.9 points

Does not meet minimal requirements for assignment.

Little to no critical analysis, comprehensive development of concepts and issues and their application to facts.

Little to no support for conclusions.

Inferior in all areas.

Range: 0 – 41.9%

Score of Learning Activity Analysis,/ 60

Writing Clarity & Mechanics

10 points

Demonstrates clear, organized, specific comments presented in an easy to read style that is free of grammatical, spelling, and mechanical errors.

Range: .9 -10%

8.5 points

Demonstrates generally clear, organized, specific comments with minor errors in grammar, and/or spelling, and or mechanics.

Range:8 – 8.5%

7.5 points

Demonstrates generally satisfactory clear, specific comments with errors in grammar, and/or spelling, and/or mechanics.

Range: .7 – 7.5%

6.5 points

Presentation lacks organization, clarity, accuracy with little to no evidence of proofreading or attempt at applying proper writing mechanics.

Range: 0 – 6.5%

Score of Writing Clarity & Mechanics,/ 10

APA Citation format Usage

20 points

Posts contain the appropriate APA intext citations with Reference list in proper format. No errors are present.

Range: 18 – 20%

17.9 points

Attempts intext citations and Reference list but some errors in formatting exist; paraphrasing is not accurate or in-text citations are omitted where citations are warranted.

Range: .16 – 17.9%

15.9 points

Attempts intext citations or Reference list but omits one or the other. Intext citations or Reference list reflect significant errors or citations omitted where citations are warranted.

Range: 14 – 159%

13.9 points

No evidence of APA usage.

Range 0 – 13.9%

Score of APA Citation format Usage,/ 20

Adheres to Instructions

10 points

Fully follows instructions; completes all required parts of the Learning Activity.

Range: 9 – 10%

8.9 points

Follows most,  instructions, and/or  attempts most required parts of the Learning Activity.

Range 8 -8.9%

7.9 points

Follows some instructions but completes all critical parts of Learning Activity.

Range 7 -7.9%

6.9 points

Fails to follow instructions and, as a result, fails to complete required parts of Learning Activity.

0 – 6.9%

Overall Score

Overall Score

Equivalent to an A90 points minimum

Equivalent to a B80 points minimum

Equivalent to a C70 points minimum

Equivalent to a D – F60 points minimum

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