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In this project, you use styles, indents, lists, tab stops, the replace feature, footers, and document properties to customize the Emergency Procedures document for Sierra Pacific Community College District.

[Student Learning Outcomes 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9]

File Needed: 
 (Available from the Start File link.)

Completed Project File Name: 
[First Name.Last Name]-EmergencyProcedures-02.docx

Skills Covered in This Project

· Modify an existing document.

· Apply a document theme and theme color.

· Change margins and font size.

· Apply and modify a style.

· Apply a border to selected text.

· Apply and customize a numbered and bulleted list.

· Use the Format Painter.

· Set and modify tab stops.

· Use Replace.

· Insert a footer with document properties and current date.

· Insert a page border.

· Center text vertically.

· Use Side to Side page movement.

1.  Open the EmergencyProcedures-02.docx start file. If the document opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing button so you can modify it.

2.  The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it.

3.  Change the theme to Integral and the theme color to Red.

4.  Change the top, bottom, left, and right margins to 0.75″.

5.  Select the entire document and change the font size to 12 pt.

6. Format the title of the document.

a.  Select the title of the document and apply Heading 1 style.

b.  Open the Font dialog box, apply All caps effect, and change the font size to 16 pt.

c.  Change the Before paragraph spacing to 0 pt.

d.  Add a bottom border to the title using the Borders drop-down list.

7. Apply and modify the Heading 2 style and delete blank lines.

a.  Apply the Heading 2 style to each of the bold section headings.

b.  Select the first section heading (“Emergency Telephones [Blue Phones]”).

c.  Change Before paragraph spacing to 12 pt. and After paragraph spacing to 3 pt.

d.  Apply small caps effect.

e.  Update Heading 2 style to match selection. All the section headings are updated.

f.  Turn on Show/Hide and delete all the blank lines in the document.

8.  Select the bulleted list in the first section and change it to a numbered list.

9. Apply numbering format and formatting changes, and use the Format Painter.

a.  Apply numbering to the text below the section headings in the following sections: “Assaults, Fights, or Emotional Disturbances”; “Power Failure”; “Fire”; “Earthquake”; and “Bomb Threat.”

b.  Select the numbered list in the “Bomb Threat” section.

c.  Open the Paragraph dialog box, set Before and After paragraph spacing to 2 pt., deselect the Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style check box, and click OK to close the dialog box.

d.  Use the Format Painter to copy this numbering format to each of the other numbered lists.

e.  Reset each numbered list so it begins with 1 (right-click the first item in each numbered list and select Restart at 1 from the context menu).

10. Customize a bulleted list and use the Format Painter.

a.  Select the text in the “Accident or Medical Emergency” section.

b.  Create a custom bulleted list and use a double right-pointing triangle symbol (Webdings, Character code 56).

c.  Open the Paragraph dialog box and confirm the left indent is 0.25″ and hanging indent is 0.25″. If not, change the settings.

d.  Set Before and After paragraph spacing to 2 pt. and deselect the Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style check box.

e.  Use the Format Painter to apply this bulleted list format to the following text in the following sections: “Tips to Professors and Staff” and “Response to Students.”

11. Change indent and paragraph spacing and apply a style.

a.  Select the text below the “Emergency Telephone Locations” heading.

b.  Set a 0.25″ left indent.

c.  Set Before and After paragraph spacing to 2 pt.

d.  Confirm the Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style box is unchecked (Paragraph dialog box).

e.  Apply Book Title style to each of the telephone locations in the “Emergency Telephone Locations” section. Select only the location, not the text in parentheses or following text.

12. Change left indent and paragraph spacing and set a tab stop with a dot leader.

a.  Select the text below the “Emergency Phone Numbers” heading.

b.  Open the Paragraph dialog box and set a 0.25″ left indent for this text.

c.  Set Before and After paragraph spacing to 2 pt. and confirm the Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style box is unchecked.

d.  Open the Tabs dialog box, set a right tab stop at 7″, and use a dot leader (2).

e.  Press Tab before the phone number (after the space) on each of these lines. The phone numbers align at the right margin with a dot leader between the text and phone number.

13.  Apply the Intense Reference style to the paragraph headings in the “Accident or Medical Emergency” section (“Life-Threating Emergencies” and “Minor Emergencies”). Include the colon when selecting the paragraph headings.

14.  Use the Replace feature to replace all instances of “Phone 911” with “CALL 911” with bold font style. Note: If previous Find or Replace criteria displays in the Replace dialog box, remove this content before performing this instruction.

15. Insert a footer with document property fields and the current date that appears on every page.

a.  Edit the footer on the first page and use the ruler to move the center tab stop to 3.5″ and the right tab stop to 7″.

b.  Insert the Title document property field on the left. Use the right arrow key to deselect the document property field.

c.  Tab to the center tab stop and insert the Company document property field at center. Use the right arrow key to deselect the document property field.

d.  Tab to the right tab stop, insert (not type) the date (use January 1, 2020 format), and set it to update automatically.

e.  Change the font size of all the text in the footer to 10 pt.

f.  Add a top border to the text in the footer using the Borders drop-down list and close the footer.

16. Use the Borders and Shading dialog box to insert a page border on the entire document.

a.  Use Shadow setting and solid line style.

b.  Select the fifth color in the first row of the Theme Colors (Dark Red, Accent 1) and 1 pt. line width.

17.  Center the entire document vertically (Hint: use the Page Setup dialog box).

18.  View the document in Side to Side page movement view [View tab, Page Movement group] and then return to Vertical page movement view.

19.  Save and close the document (Figure 2-119).Figure 2-119 Word 2-4 completed

20.  Upload and save your project file.

21.  Submit project for grading.

SPCCD—West Campus Emergency Procedures

Emergency Telephones [Blue Phones]

Emergency telephones on campus are marked by a bright blue light (see locations below).

· To use, press the “Help” button. Speak when the light comes on.

· Stay on the line. You will be connected with the college police.

· State clearly the nature of the emergency and your location.

Emergency Telephone Locations

Stadium Parking Lot (outside), between ticket machines

Barton Hall (outside), southwest corner

Barton Hall (inside), Second floor, west end near elevators

Liberal Arts (outside), north end of the C wing

Library (outside), right side of front entrance

Library (inside), First floor, stairs

Performing Arts (outside), near west entrance from Lot B

Math & Science (inside), west wall of biology wing

Cafeteria (outside), northeast entrance from parking lot B

Gymnasium (inside), breezeway between offices and gym entrance

Emergency Phone Numbers

Emergency Response System (Fire, Medical, Sheriff) 911

College Police (adjacent to staff parking south of Barton Hall and Library) (209) 658-7777

Health Center (Administration Building) M-F 7:30 a.m.-4:00 pm. (209) 658-2239

Information Center (Counseling Building) (209) 658-4466

Evening Dean (Asst. Dean, Math) M-Th 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. (209) 658-7700

Site Administrator (Vice President of Administrative Services) (209) 658-8501

Weekend College Coordinator (Area Deans) (209) 658-6500

Accident or Medical Emergency

Life-Threatening Emergencies: Phone 911. If victim has stopped breathing, start mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. If victim’s heart has stopped, begin CPR. Call college police or send for assistance (call 7777 from a campus phone; otherwise call 658-7777).

Minor Emergencies: Administer first aid using American Red Cross standard procedures. First aid kits are located in instructional area offices, library, cafeteria, and instruction office in the administration building. Be sure to fill out an accident report. Call college police or send for assistance (call 7777 from a campus phone; otherwise call 658-7777).

Assaults, Fights, or Emotional Disturbances

Call college police immediately (7777 or 658-7777).

Do not engage in physical contact with persons involved in a fight. Campus police will break up fights and make arrests if necessary.

Ask persons involved and witnesses to remain at the scene.

Have Health Center provide first aid and/or call an ambulance if necessary.

Emotional problems or disturbances may be referred to counseling (658-4466) or college police (658-7777).

Power Failure

Phone college police immediately (7777 or 658-7777).

Do not attempt to leave classrooms or move about in buildings in the dark unless it is safe.

Most buildings are equipped with emergency lighting that will go on automatically.

If lights do not go on, emergency flashlights are available in all area offices.

Notify site administrator.


Phone 911.

Call college police (7777 or 658-7777).

Extinguish fire if possible.

If necessary, pull fire alarm and evacuate building (do not use elevators).

Evacuate individuals with disabilities (do not use elevators).

Stay 150 feet away from the building until the all-clear signal has been given.

Notify site administrator.


Stay in the building until the tremor stops and take cover under furniture or in doorways.

Keep away from windows, overhead fixtures or objects which may fall.

Leave building when the earthquake is over.

Use battery operated radio to tune into emergency broadcast (640 AM).

Bomb Threat

Phone 911.

Try to gather as much information from the caller as possible: exact location of the bomb, time set for detonation, what it looks like, type of explosion, why placed and most importantly record the exact wording of the caller and the time the call was made.

Report information immediately to college police (7777 or 658-7777).

Tips to Professors and Staff

Remain aware of time and working hours of nearby staff.

Call evening dean for help with a non-emergency problem after 5:00 p.m. 658-7700.

When leaving after dark, both instructors and students should be accompanied to the parking lot by at least one other person.

Response to Students

Remain calm, show concern.

Help student reduce pressure or stress.

Refer student to appropriate Student Services personnel.

Make adjustment in classwork requirements if warranted.

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