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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on healthcare report—analysis plan Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Data Analysis Plan al Affiliation: Data Analysis Plan This is an outline of the methods that will be used in analysis of the collected data. According to the data types, variables, number of observations and cases in this study, our analysis will incorporate a number of techniques such as Descriptive, Exploratory and Inferential Statistics as discussed below:

1. Exploratory Analysis. This analysis will be used to present an outlook of the entire data. It will use both graphical and numerical methods to show the crucial aspects of the data and pinpoint any probable problems in the data. Additionally, this will assist in identifying the data distribution, the number of missing values and whether the data requires cleaning so as to acquire consistency. Graphical techniques to be used under this analysis are boxplots and histograms which will assist in identification of outliers that maybe included or omitted in the data. Numerical techniques to be used include frequencies and percentages shall be used to plot the data distribution.

2. Descriptive Analysis. This type of analysis will show how the data looks like and the relationship between different variables in the data set. It will be used to present the quantitative aspect of the data in a simpler and a manageable form. Majorly, this technique will provide a summary of the entire data and it shall be approached from a univariate perspective. Univariate Analysis will involve a deeper examination across the variables in the data. one at a time. Under this analysis, the distribution, central tendency and dispersion of variables will be considered.

a. Distribution. This is a summary of frequency of all the observations in a variable. Thus, each observation will be listed alongside the number people in every category so as to present a chart of the frequency distribution. Additionally, a histogram will be plotted to show a visual distribution.

b. Central tendency. This section of analysis will consider the mean, mode and median for every variable. The mean will be used to describe the average value of observations in each variable. The median shall be used to estimate the middle value in every variable whereas the mode will show the most occurring value or observation in each variable.

c. Dispersion. This is the spread of values around the mean, mode and median. Range and standard deviation shall be used under this category. The range will show the gap that exists between the maximum and the minimum values in every variable. Additionally, the standard deviation will show the average distance of all the data points from the mean of a given variable. how far a value is from the mean.

3. Inferential Statistics. This technique is used to test various hypotheses about the dataset. Under this technique, our analysis will use:

a. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) to compare the mean scores for various variables and find the effect of covariates so as to handle the multiple dependent variables in the dataset.

b. Regression and Correlation. Multiple regression models will be used to investigate how well independent variables can predict the dependent variable. Additionally, it will specify the individual contribution of each variable. Correlation technique shall be used to show how strong different variable are related in the dataset.


Wang, G. & Jain, C. (2003). Regression Analysis: Modeling & Forecasting. Institute of

Business Forec.


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